Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Who is Ebony Davis?

Who is Ebony Davis? If you asked me this question an hour ago I really could not have told you.  But now I can actually say I know a lot about her. Our interview was really smooth and at some points did not even feel like one. She is a very down to earth girl who enjoys knitting and also has a special talent of calligraphy.  You definitely could not tell those were her favorite hobbies just by looking at her! Ebony is from New Jersey and she lives right around the corner from the talented musician Faith Evans, before moving there she used to live only a couple doors down from TV show host Wendy Williams. How cool is that?

 Ebony is a broadcast journalism major that plans on finding a rich man to marry after she graduates from Hampton University. Interesting to say the least, the reason she’s here is because she was in between committing herself to Hampton or Howard while her boyfriend was in between Hampton or Morehouse. Her boyfriend eventually decided to go to Hampton University so she chose the same thing. While in precollege he got in trouble and was then kicked out, soon after that, they broke up. You could tell she definitely would have attended Howard if it weren’t for him. 

Ebony idolizes many famous women but Eva Longoria take the spotloight, not because she is beautiful or talented but because  “i think she’s popping.”  Throughout the whole interview we shared many laughs at some of the corny similarities we had. Like the movie Titanic, I didn’t expect her to say that was her favorite movie because when I tell a person that’s my favorite movie they look at me crazy. “People always come up to me and say you look like your favorite movie is Titanic, like you would go outside and do Rose’s infamous pose at the top of the boat.”

As the interview came to a close I realized why my professor did this. It was a lesson in disguise, it taught me to talk to other people around me because you will never know how much you all will have in common and it also helps with networking!