Friday, September 28, 2012


Oxblood is definitely the go to color this fall! With its deep dark red hue, its there to pull off any classy or sexy look you have for your wardrobe.

Before this week, i didn't have any oxblood colored lipsticks, so you know what i did? I mixed M.A.C cyber with M.A.C rebel and VOILA i received this deep dark hue of red on my lips. Compliments were over flowing so without a doubt i will be going out to search for my first perfect oxblood lipstick. 

Its not only for your lips however, fashionista are also styling it with their shoes, especially oxfords this season, which pulls any tailored look together. You can always go with a sheer oxblood colored blouse which is definitely suitable for day time wear or evening wear for the perfect date with you and your honey!

Be daring, this color goes well with every skin complexion and tone, try it out with a bold black liner, define your cheek bones and oxblood on your lips and you're sure to have a polished look that make people believe it took you hours to achieve.

BTW, Angela Simmons look AMAZING in this picture below. So Chic, Grown, and Classy. She had to be turning heads everywhere she went. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Skinny Jeans For Not So Skinny Girls

 Being more on the curvier side always bring difficulties when trying to find the right pair of skinny jeans. Either their too tight at the waist or they're "straight" leg instead of "skinny" (I HATE THAT BTW.) However, while i was on the mission in buying more jeans, i stopped by Old Navy and lets just say, they made my quest to find the perfect skinny jeans end early.  .

Old Navy is usually hit and misses with their jeans because they use weird fabrics that give little to no stretch. When i walked in, there were some jeans labeled as "ROCKSTAR  super skinny" jeans, showcased in the front of the store with all sorts of colors, denim, blue, green, and yellow. I picked up two par, a light denim wash and a orange pair. I got a size 12 and a 14, again because of their weird fits. When i went into the dressing room and tried these bad boys on, i knew they were mine. They have the best stretch to them and they lifted my butt up so it was SITTING NICE LOL. 

The only downfall i have is, they stop right above my ankle, i'm 5'5, so if a person taller then me bought them they would kind of fit like capris. I didn't see if they came in a longer style because it wasn't a big problem. These are perfect jeans for boots because they fit tight and nice, no scrunching or sagging over here!

If you go on their website, OLD NAVY, you will see that they have a huge variety of other colors. They come in a lot of sizes as well ladies so this is definitely an investment worth your money. 

I tried on these, YUCK, did not go well with my complexion at all ! i'm darker then these jeans but by them being so tight, it looked like i was bearing it all, NOT A GOOD LOOK!

Have any of you tried these jeans, Love em or Hate em?

Love ya!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Creating a Happier You

Has anyone ever asked you "why you were so happy?" ... What in the hell kind of question is that, why should you NOT be happy?

This year has done so much for my self esteem, my new years resolution was to create a healthier me but i did not know my health would include my attitude, my well being and pretty much my view on life itself. And for that reason i created a couple of tips that will truly have you becoming a happier you in no time. 

1. Be yourself, don't FAKE who you are because eventually you are going to tire yourself out by FRONTING for other people. Why would you want to associate yourself with people who like the fake you?

2. Put yourself first, so many of us woman forget to take time to take care of ourselves. If we won't take care of ourselves who will?

3. CUT THE DAMN GRASS so the snakes will show, EVERYONE does not have your best interest at heart, I REPEAT, everyone does not have your best interest at heart!

4. Find your spiritual side, get closer to God, when you're lonely he is always there and he will SOLVE every last one of your problems.

5. Perfect your craft, if you have a hobby like decorating cakes, join a workshop to become a better cake decorator. If you want to be promoted at work, work harder and more efficiently, make your boss ask himself "damn, what would I do without her?"

6. Everyday in the mirror tell yourself you're beautiful. I literally did this all summer until i believed the words coming out of my mouth, instead of looking at your flaws, notice the amazing that you have, realize how you have big beautiful brown eyes, or hips that would make a curvy road jealous. DON'T HATE ON YOURSELF, you already have enough people in the outside world doing that.

7. Have fun, let go and live life. Don't worry what other people are going to think of you, you only have this life ONCE, make it count!

I promise you, these tips helped me become a better and happier women. I value myself more than ever and i can't believe i use to sit and mop about things i couldn't change about myself.

If you have any more tips, comment below, i would love to hear them. 


Purple Kisses

The past couple of weeks i have fallen in love with purple lips! It screams sexy and it's not too powerful for a girlie girl like myself. Two weeks ago i picked up Rebel by M.A.C, which is a mix of purple and burgundy, it definitely would go great if you needed to get your "sexy on" for a date night!

Next i went to Walmart, i intended to get Revlon's Berry Haute, but they were sold out :( so i picked up Revlon's Violet Frenzy, i love love LOVE this shade of purple, it's definitely true to color, it's definitely an eye catcher so i paired it simply with my white boyfriend tee from Target (my favorite).

The last one i bought,Covergirl's Divine, i was a little skeptical in purchasing it because i didn't read any reviews on it and i couldn't see how it looked due to their packaging, but i said YOLO and bought it anyway. LET ME TELL YOU, i am so glad i did, this is a bomb ass shade of lilac and it looks GORGEOUS on us brown skin ladies. It is very similar to M.A.C Amp It Up but much softer and you can definitely pull this look up during the daytime.

Invest in a shade of lipstick you never would of thought of buying! If it wasn't for my mom saying "you have 150 shades of the same nude lipstick", i still would be rocking my WET N WILD Bare it ALL or M.A.C's Cherish lol.

...and don't forget lip liner is your best friend!. 

L-R DIvine, Violet Frenzy, Rebel
Without Flash

With Flash

 I mixed Rebel and Divine together because i thought it would look great against my green blouse i got from H&M.

 I look so evil in this picture, it was 7 in the morning and i was getting ready for school lol, this is Violet Frenzy. Love It!

What shades of lipsticks are you all excited about purchasing this fall?
Love ya!