Thursday, January 15, 2015

Vision Board Fleekness

Have you hopped on “board” and created a vision board for 2015? Vision boards have been out for many years but they are definitely the “It” thing to do for this year. Why not make 25 yours? I am all about goals and creating plans on how you want your life to be so why not put it on paper, make it appealing and make it so you see it every single day of your life.

2015 for me is all about career moves, traveling and my relationship so of course that’s mainly what’s on mine. I put it right in front of my bed so every time I wake up in the morning that is what gives me the strength to continue to work harder and love stronger.

Check out your city to see if people are having Vision Board Parties or grab some of your girlfriends, some old magazines and some wine and just do it yourself! I used magazines like Essence, Ebony, Cosmo, Lucky and O which had a lot of motivational pictures and quotes to give my vision board the “fleakness” I desired.

So what are you waiting for, go get a poster board and get started! If you need any additional ideas definitely use Instagram’s search feature and look up #visionboards. #visionboard #myvisionboard

Thanks ladies, tag me in your vision boards on Instagram, @herbossyash.