Saturday, January 18, 2014

Natural Hair - Update

So it’s Day 17 of my January “No-Heat” Challenge and I must admit I failed, but with only 2 days so that’s not that bad! This is truly the longest I’ve ever gone without using my flat iron which is great because my hair is receiving a lot more moisture and I’m also cutting more and more of my relaxed ends in the front off.

The two days I wore it straight, were on January 10th and 11th, which was during my sisters birthday when she told me straight up “YOU ARE NOT GOING OUT WITH ME TONIGHT, WEARING YOUR HAIR IN 2 TWIST LOOKING LIKE AN EXTRA IN THE COLOR PURPLE!”

She played me but I knew she was right, I still wasn’t getting the hang with natural hairstyles then so I decided to do a quick air dry and only ran my flat iron through each part once! It wasn’t straight as it could have been but that’s the most I wanted to do plus it was raining all that weekend so I didn’t want my hair to reform back to its natural state after a GREAT FLAT IRON so fast.

Before those two days, I spent hours on youtube and decided to do flat twist with perm rods at the end to blend my natural and relaxed ends together.

The next style I decided to do was another bantu knot but this time doing the 2 strand method, which
worked AMAZINGLY better for me this time.

The last style which I’ve been doing for the past couple of days now, is letting my bantu knot get old and just using an infinity headband and wearing my hair in a huge ponytail! I currently love this style on me! I’m learning to wear my hair in ponytails more because before I rarely ever did so.

To protect my hair even more I decided that I will be getting a bob-styled sew in! I’ve been wanting a bob since forever and I think the time is now! I decided to reuse some old hair and also buy a pack of affordable hair just in case I didn’t have enough! I colored the hair to my liking and I hope it looks like how I want it to look like in my head!

So ladies, this is my HALF WAY natural journal update, I hope you all are amused and getting informed by these post!

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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

D.I.Y Lipstick Palettes + Giveaway Going On

Hey ladies!

So as I was cleaning my make-up compartments, mainly so I could do the Back-To-Mac program, I noticed I was one MAC product shy of having 6. So a light lit up in my brain and told me to do some transferring around.

While I was cleaning I noticed I had a couple cover girl 3-compartment eye shadow palettes that were either half way empty or were probably past the using date. That gave me the idea to clean those pots out and transfer some lipstick in them to make lipstick palettes. Not only did that allow me to do the back-to-mac program but it provided me with more space in my make-up section in my bathroom.  I plan to do that with many more of my lipsticks to save space!

L-R: Asian Flower, Up The Amp, Cherish

How to make:
Find lipsticks that are less than half way full.
Find an eye shadow palette that is empty and clean it really good (something that I did not do to well.)
Get a butter knife and cut the lipstick and place it in its new home in the palette.
Soon after placing each lipstick in its own pot, go to your microwave and set it for 1 minute and 30 seconds (microwave times will vary.)
Let the palette sit for about 5 minutes and VIOLA your own lipstick palette!

Super easy right? Will any of you ladies be doing this? It definitely saves time searching the bottom of your MAC lipsticks to see what color it is!


Thursday, January 02, 2014

Natural Hair: No Heat in January Challenge

That's my "nooo my hair is breaking off" face
Usually people turn up the heat for Winter but for me, I'm turning it down off.

So for the New Year I decided to challenge myself with using absolutely NO HEAT on my hair for the entire month of January. I have been researching on YouTube numerous styles that I believe that will benefit my hair by adding moisture, shine, and retaining its length. The last time I wore my hair without heat was during the summer because it was so hot my hair wouldn’t stay straight to save my life (actually I was still using my hooded dryer for some styles.)

As many of you know, the back of my hair is completely natural and my front is still in the process of transitioning (about half way natural.) I did not decided to go natural to wear my hair mainly in its natural state but because relaxers burn the HELL out of my scalp! Even as a little kid, I would cry because it would burn extremely bad. So before 2012, I was only getting relaxers maybe once or twice a year until I decided to stop it all together.

While it is a wonderful idea to stop relaxing your hair, the continuous use of blow dryers and flat irons still lead to damaging your hair && that bad boy is called HEAT DAMAGE. Something I’ve been experiencing all too well these past couple of months.

So I decided to give myself a month of no heat, just plan “ol” washing, co-washing, deep conditioning, Bantu knots, flat twist, buns, and flexi rods, anything that can get my mind off of not grabbing my flat iron.

With that being said, on the first day of January I washed and conditioned my hair, let it air dryer maybe about 75% and ATTEMPTED to do Bantu knots! What an absolute fail! Maybe I twisted my hair the wrong way but my ends were sticking out every which way. It was so embarrassing because I had to go to work with my hair looking wild. I work with kids and you know kids tell the truth and nothing but the truth! One boy said, “Ms. Ashley … is that you? Your hair looks crazy!” If I could turn red, I probably would have but I told him my hair got wet and that was that.

Now it’s January 2nd and I found that 2 flat twist look pretty nice on me and that’s what I will be doing for a while!

Please, can some of you ladies give me some advice? I want to try a curly style but my relaxed ends seems to not want to cooperate with the rest of the style. I do actually hope to continue on with this no heat regime, perhaps get some braids next month or a very protective sew in!

Any who, this was pretty much a hair journey 2014 update. I love my straight hair but I cannot lie, the damage is pretty noticeable, at least to me anyway.

The products I will be using include: Elasta EQ Olive Oil and Mango Butter Moisturizer, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Black Castor Oil, Palmers Coconut oil moisturizer and Biotin. 

Thanks Ladies! 

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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

So Much To Share: New Name, New Layout, New Lipstick + A GIVEAWAY

Bye Bye and Hello!

IT’S FINALLY HERE, THE NEW WEBSITE! I am so excited because this is my baby and I want it to be perfect! I can’t believe I’m starting off 2014 so amazing, this is definitely a dream come true! After being advised from one of my colleagues who does graphic designing, he motivated me to do everything myself, the logo, name, webpage, layout so with me loving a challenge and being pretty tech-advanced, I opted in using his advice and did the whole thing solo dolo! I honestly did not believe I would have met my deadline of having this up by the New Year’s but I did it and I’m so in love with it!

So the first post on the new blog and for the New Year’s is about this awesome beauty supply store lipstick I recently purchased. I went to my local beauty supply store over the weekend to pick up some eyelashes and noticed the $1.99 lipsticks nearby, there were a gazillion “OK” choices but one color stood out to me!  Violet by Nicka K (NK) lipsticks.

I did not have high expectations, due to it being only 2 dollars, but when I got home and started doing swatches, it really did hold its own! It came out very pigmented and glossy! When I applied it on my lips, I still received the same high pigment as the swatches on my hand, but there was a downfall! This lipstick lasted for a whole 45 minutes before beginning to fade away! But what can you expect from a 2 dollar lipstick?

I found a solution to this problem! Just buy 2 from your BSS. If you plan on going out in your “never-lasting” lipstick, tuck one in your clutch so you can apply it whenever you go outside, sip a drink, talk, smile, dance lol! Just kidding, but it really does not have a long-staying power!

I still would give this lipstick a thumbs up and I’d refer it to anyone looking for a dupe for KA’OIR RACQUEL lipstick that is $17 on her website!

I don’t know why, but I’m feeling pretty generous right now, so generous that I’m thinking about holding a small giveaway! That’s right, From January 1st to February 1st , 2014, I am giving away 1 KA’OIR lipstick of your choice! This is open to U.S residents only!

You guys have been with me for so long and I’d like to show my appreciation to old readers as well as new readers with this giveaway! It’s really, really, really simple all you have to do is visit the KA’IOR website, find some lippies that you would love to wear, comment with your 3 favorite lipsticks and BOOM that’s 1 entry! You can also follow me on IG @herbossyash for an extra entry!

Good Luck to all of you and if I could, I would give all of you all lipsticks but the way my funds are set up …

I will email the winner with my email to confirm winnings and address! Thanks ladies & tell me what you think of the new website!