Saturday, January 18, 2014

Natural Hair - Update

So it’s Day 17 of my January “No-Heat” Challenge and I must admit I failed, but with only 2 days so that’s not that bad! This is truly the longest I’ve ever gone without using my flat iron which is great because my hair is receiving a lot more moisture and I’m also cutting more and more of my relaxed ends in the front off.

The two days I wore it straight, were on January 10th and 11th, which was during my sisters birthday when she told me straight up “YOU ARE NOT GOING OUT WITH ME TONIGHT, WEARING YOUR HAIR IN 2 TWIST LOOKING LIKE AN EXTRA IN THE COLOR PURPLE!”

She played me but I knew she was right, I still wasn’t getting the hang with natural hairstyles then so I decided to do a quick air dry and only ran my flat iron through each part once! It wasn’t straight as it could have been but that’s the most I wanted to do plus it was raining all that weekend so I didn’t want my hair to reform back to its natural state after a GREAT FLAT IRON so fast.

Before those two days, I spent hours on youtube and decided to do flat twist with perm rods at the end to blend my natural and relaxed ends together.

The next style I decided to do was another bantu knot but this time doing the 2 strand method, which
worked AMAZINGLY better for me this time.

The last style which I’ve been doing for the past couple of days now, is letting my bantu knot get old and just using an infinity headband and wearing my hair in a huge ponytail! I currently love this style on me! I’m learning to wear my hair in ponytails more because before I rarely ever did so.

To protect my hair even more I decided that I will be getting a bob-styled sew in! I’ve been wanting a bob since forever and I think the time is now! I decided to reuse some old hair and also buy a pack of affordable hair just in case I didn’t have enough! I colored the hair to my liking and I hope it looks like how I want it to look like in my head!

So ladies, this is my HALF WAY natural journal update, I hope you all are amused and getting informed by these post!

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