Wednesday, January 01, 2014

So Much To Share: New Name, New Layout, New Lipstick + A GIVEAWAY

Bye Bye and Hello!

IT’S FINALLY HERE, THE NEW WEBSITE! I am so excited because this is my baby and I want it to be perfect! I can’t believe I’m starting off 2014 so amazing, this is definitely a dream come true! After being advised from one of my colleagues who does graphic designing, he motivated me to do everything myself, the logo, name, webpage, layout so with me loving a challenge and being pretty tech-advanced, I opted in using his advice and did the whole thing solo dolo! I honestly did not believe I would have met my deadline of having this up by the New Year’s but I did it and I’m so in love with it!

So the first post on the new blog and for the New Year’s is about this awesome beauty supply store lipstick I recently purchased. I went to my local beauty supply store over the weekend to pick up some eyelashes and noticed the $1.99 lipsticks nearby, there were a gazillion “OK” choices but one color stood out to me!  Violet by Nicka K (NK) lipsticks.

I did not have high expectations, due to it being only 2 dollars, but when I got home and started doing swatches, it really did hold its own! It came out very pigmented and glossy! When I applied it on my lips, I still received the same high pigment as the swatches on my hand, but there was a downfall! This lipstick lasted for a whole 45 minutes before beginning to fade away! But what can you expect from a 2 dollar lipstick?

I found a solution to this problem! Just buy 2 from your BSS. If you plan on going out in your “never-lasting” lipstick, tuck one in your clutch so you can apply it whenever you go outside, sip a drink, talk, smile, dance lol! Just kidding, but it really does not have a long-staying power!

I still would give this lipstick a thumbs up and I’d refer it to anyone looking for a dupe for KA’OIR RACQUEL lipstick that is $17 on her website!

I don’t know why, but I’m feeling pretty generous right now, so generous that I’m thinking about holding a small giveaway! That’s right, From January 1st to February 1st , 2014, I am giving away 1 KA’OIR lipstick of your choice! This is open to U.S residents only!

You guys have been with me for so long and I’d like to show my appreciation to old readers as well as new readers with this giveaway! It’s really, really, really simple all you have to do is visit the KA’IOR website, find some lippies that you would love to wear, comment with your 3 favorite lipsticks and BOOM that’s 1 entry! You can also follow me on IG @herbossyash for an extra entry!

Good Luck to all of you and if I could, I would give all of you all lipsticks but the way my funds are set up …

I will email the winner with my email to confirm winnings and address! Thanks ladies & tell me what you think of the new website!