Thursday, January 02, 2014

Natural Hair: No Heat in January Challenge

That's my "nooo my hair is breaking off" face
Usually people turn up the heat for Winter but for me, I'm turning it down off.

So for the New Year I decided to challenge myself with using absolutely NO HEAT on my hair for the entire month of January. I have been researching on YouTube numerous styles that I believe that will benefit my hair by adding moisture, shine, and retaining its length. The last time I wore my hair without heat was during the summer because it was so hot my hair wouldn’t stay straight to save my life (actually I was still using my hooded dryer for some styles.)

As many of you know, the back of my hair is completely natural and my front is still in the process of transitioning (about half way natural.) I did not decided to go natural to wear my hair mainly in its natural state but because relaxers burn the HELL out of my scalp! Even as a little kid, I would cry because it would burn extremely bad. So before 2012, I was only getting relaxers maybe once or twice a year until I decided to stop it all together.

While it is a wonderful idea to stop relaxing your hair, the continuous use of blow dryers and flat irons still lead to damaging your hair && that bad boy is called HEAT DAMAGE. Something I’ve been experiencing all too well these past couple of months.

So I decided to give myself a month of no heat, just plan “ol” washing, co-washing, deep conditioning, Bantu knots, flat twist, buns, and flexi rods, anything that can get my mind off of not grabbing my flat iron.

With that being said, on the first day of January I washed and conditioned my hair, let it air dryer maybe about 75% and ATTEMPTED to do Bantu knots! What an absolute fail! Maybe I twisted my hair the wrong way but my ends were sticking out every which way. It was so embarrassing because I had to go to work with my hair looking wild. I work with kids and you know kids tell the truth and nothing but the truth! One boy said, “Ms. Ashley … is that you? Your hair looks crazy!” If I could turn red, I probably would have but I told him my hair got wet and that was that.

Now it’s January 2nd and I found that 2 flat twist look pretty nice on me and that’s what I will be doing for a while!

Please, can some of you ladies give me some advice? I want to try a curly style but my relaxed ends seems to not want to cooperate with the rest of the style. I do actually hope to continue on with this no heat regime, perhaps get some braids next month or a very protective sew in!

Any who, this was pretty much a hair journey 2014 update. I love my straight hair but I cannot lie, the damage is pretty noticeable, at least to me anyway.

The products I will be using include: Elasta EQ Olive Oil and Mango Butter Moisturizer, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Black Castor Oil, Palmers Coconut oil moisturizer and Biotin. 

Thanks Ladies! 

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