Thursday, February 14, 2013

Perfect High-Waist Shorts (DIY)

            Am I the only one that is ready for the summer time? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love the multi-colored scarves and thigh high boots for winter time, but I’m ready to show some much needed skin! I’ve been so antsy for the warmer seasons that I went out to my local thrift store and picked up three pair of high waist jeans for about 8 bucks!

            With these jeans, I decided to get my creative juices flowing and make some cool cut off shorts. Now like I said prior, I purchased 3 pair of jeans, but I’m only showing you 2 because I TRIED it with the first pair! I would never wear them, their too short and I made too many holes, I would literally be ASSED out!

            Anyhoo, I am going to give you a step on step guide on how to create a GREAT pair of high waist cut off shorts. What I really love about this trend is, anyone can wear these, lean or plus size, you just have to find the correct fit for your body type and just go with the flow.

First Step

Find a pair of jeans that sit up to your waist, the crotch part will be really low, and the pockets will be really high (mom jeans).

Second Step

Next, try on the jeans and with a pen, mark how long or short you want your jeans to be. Also make sure you make a mark in the back by your butt crease, so that you know where to STOP if you get a little scissor happy.

Third Step
Get a really sharp pair of scissor and start to cut from the outside in. My opinion, don’t cut straight, cut going upward a little, this will make your shorts look more like shorts you buy at the store, if that makes sense.

Fourth Step

Try them on again, make sure they are to your liking and take them off again. Now you begin making the fringe look on your shorts. I didn’t use a razor, sand paper, knife, or anything like that. I just cut little lines in my jeans, about a half an inch apart. Once you do all of that, wash the shorts and VIOLA you have some cute, high waist shorts!

I hope you guys enjoyed this and try this cute trend when it gets hot enough! See ya later!

 Disclaimer** It was laundry day for me, so the room was a mess! SORRY

Friday, February 01, 2013

1 Month Update on 2013 Hair Journey

Hey ladies, i'm back again for a 1 month hair update on my new HJ2013. While I always tried give my hair enough TLC, I learned that I could be taking more care of it to get maximum results for hair growth. So, here is a mini list of the basis of what I've been doing for the past four weeks. 
1st pic Jan 1st - last pic Jan 30

-          co-washing twice a week.
-          moisturizing with coconut oil twice a week.
-          moisturizing with olive oil once every two weeks.
-          protein treatment with 1 egg once a month
-           Shampooing twice a month.
-          10 minute scalp massages once a week (OO LA LA).

 This new routine has been a COMPLETE handful for me, washing my hair all the time, greasing it with all those oils and watching as my pillows drenched from me keeping the oils on overnight. Overwhelming would definitely be an understatement, However I have been getting extraordinary results. My hair has grown thicker and healthier since I chopped a little on January 1st.The conditioning my hair weekly has gave me an impeccable amount of volume which could also be resulting from the technique on how I dry my hair (1 hour air-dry, 5 minutes drying it in an upward motion) I also began using a new heat-protected spray, Nioxin Bliss Thermal Protector,  I absolutely adore that stuff, it makes your hair super sleek and I feel like its great for girls who are natural but still want really straight hair.

The only bad thing I can say about this month with my hair journey is, I COULD NOT KEEP MY HAIR STYLE UP, I hate bonnets, scarves, caps, any little “contrapment” that limits the movement of my hair, therefore I began to sleep restraint-free, HAIR GONE WITH THE WIND FABULOUS (lol), but its causing me to have to style my hair more often than I want to. So for February I will invest in a new satin pillow so that my hair will last a little longer! 

Well that’s it ladies, I hope you are enjoying this so far.  What have you guys been doing differently to your hair for the New Year? Did anyone finally do their big chop or get their desired length? Let me know! Thanks so much for the love ladies and gents!