Thursday, December 12, 2013

Beauty Product Review: M.A.C. Volcano Ash Exfoliator

All over Instagram and other beauty blogs, woman are raving about MAC’s volcano ash exfoliator and how it’s the greatest gift on earth for your face. Me, hating to be out of the loop, decided to see if the hype was real!  I don’t have the best skin in the entire world, so I thought I’d give it a shot!

This use to be a limited-edition product but because of all you raving fans, they bought it back as a permanent addition to the collection a couple years ago. At $28 dollars, it’s kind of pricey, but I truly believe it’s a great investment for your skin.

I love exfoliators but I hate the dry tight feelings afterwards, however with the volcano ash, my skin felt super smooth yet still moisturized which is what I continued to love about this produce use after use!

A little bit goes a long way and it’s kind of fascinating that the product is super black with mini beads giving you the interpretation of true volcano ashes.

My skin has literally not felt this smooth since I was a teenager and I’ve tried a million products on the market! I use it about 3x a week and it’s been about 2  month and I just feel like my face overall looks better and brighter and I’ve noticed my make-up application goes on much smoother then before.

I recommend that you all purchase this or put it on your wish list for Christmas, definitely a must have product!

&& if you don’t believe me, check out this video below of 1 out of a million youtubers reviewing this product as well!

Have any of you used this product, tell me what you think?

Love ya!


Sunday, December 08, 2013

Crown it or Clown it **Teaser**

Did I tell you guys the great news? My blog will be getting a revamp next month with a new name! I will be adding a lot of exciting and exhilarating features that you don’t want to miss out on!

Starting the first week of January I will be incorporating a new segment to my blog called “CROWN IT OR CLOWN IT.” Each post, I will find the best beauty and fashion look of the week. Not only will they be from celebrities but from people I encounter with daily.  

I come across great looks every day that I wish I could share with other people. So because of that, I decided it was about time that I dedicated a portion of my blog to these AMAZING women.

I have had this blog for almost 2 years now and I have truly found my niche, BEAUTY! Every one’s beauty is different and it a captivating experience to see how someone captures what’s in their mind and displays it in the outfits that they wear or the make-up they use on their face. Your body is a canvas and the choice to put anything on it is yours.

I know that I said I was going to start in January, but here is a little teaser for you wonderful ladies that follow my blog.

So, let’s get things started!

To kick off the December month, many celebrities opted for the red lip! Red lips turns every outfit into a super sexy and sleek ensemble! Red lips are also awesome because their women of color friendly and you can absolutely find the right shade for your complexion.  Two colors that look great on every complexion is Ruby Woo, which is a vibrant red matte lipstick, and Media, a darker oxblood lipstick, both available at your M.A.C counter.

Are you loving these look and will you be incorporating a red lip to your outfits this winter?

Who did the red lip better?
Angela Simmons
Lindsey Lohan
Leonna Lewis
Rita Ora
Poll Maker

Monday, December 02, 2013

Top 3 Holiday Party Looks

Its officially holiday season and you know what that means? Holiday parties are now just around the corner! If you haven’t already, its very likely you will be invited to a couple Christmas parties, whether it’s for your job or from your friends, its essential to find the perfect dress for each occasion.
So to make things easier on you, and myself, I've decided to create a list of my top 3 favorite holiday dresses, all coming from, for any holiday setting.

Holiday parties from your job are always fun! It’s a chance to show your one of a kind style while also keeping it professional to your coworkers. I know we’ve all seen the movies where there’s a woman dressed sleazy and getting belligerently drunk in front of all co-workers and we know we don’t want that be us this Christmas! My opinion you should only sip 1 glass of wine at a office holiday party because these people are not strangers and you do have to come back to work Monday morning.

I love this lace midi dress that is sexy but still very professional! You will turn heads especially if you usually are the white button down black slacks type of girl Monday-Friday.  This dress is 40 bucks!

Its tradition in my family to hold our Christmas party at a family member’s house each year.  I remember being a young girl and always wearing one of my newly opened Christmas fits to the party. Now that I’m older imp opting to wear a new cute dress with some tights just in case I have to sit on the floor (It’s that many people there.) Tip: Opt for something loose-fitting because Christmas is almost like Thanksgiving with tons of food.

I recently purchased this dress and the picture really does not do it any justice! Something about the swinging and the turtleneck screams the 90’s to me. Pair it with a dark lip like MAC’s Media or Talk That Talk and look fabulous while also comfortable.  This dress is only $30 dollars, what a steal!

When you go to a Christmas party thrown by one of your friends, I believe this is when you really strut your stuff! My friends and I always try to dress to impress so I believe you can go the extra mile with whatever kind of dress style you are going for! If you always wear black, wear red,i f you only wear flats, its time to break out your heels (unless you serious can’t walk in heels, then flats are fine!

I picked this dress because I LOVE sequin but I don’t like to wear it very often due to it snagging everything in site! This is definitely an eye catcher and when wearing the right pieces of jewelry, it can have you looking the best at the party. This dress is $70 dollars but I believe it’s worth every penny.

Which one is your favorite?

Friday, October 25, 2013

Having Difficulties Living A Healthier Lifestyle

I am the Queen of going back and forth with a new heath regimen. For the past year I’ve been going on these terrible diets eating 3 SMALL meals a day, basically depriving myself from foods I would regular eat, just to lose some weight and slowly start eating what I would regularly eat again. After looking back at my old myfitnesspal diaries, I came to the conclusion that this was my main problem on why I could never continue to live a healthier lifestyle.

My second problem was letting people hype my head up! I’ll lose some weight, flatter stomach, lifted butt and it only takes ONE person to tell me I look good and my head gets big! LOL, Once my head gets big I start going out more, the gym less, more coco loso’s, less water! Then POOF my stomach is saying hello to everyone again!

The past couples of months I learned a lot of valuable information that will hopefully get me back on the road again to lose some weight and tone my body!  Last summer I lost 25 pounds, I gained 15 of those pounds back but I’m proud to say that I actually learned to take care of my body and makes the changes necessary to be a better “Ashley.”

The tips that I have below, may not work for you, your momma, or your grandmother, but I know they work for me. It’s up to you to do trial and error and adjust them according to your body and your own motivation!

  1. Eat breakfast; I noticed that I have a lot more energy during the day when I fuel my body first thing in the morning. As of now I’m eating the Fiber One cereal with a cup of REGULAR almond milk or oatmeal with almond milk, raisins and honey. I also like to drink one glass of water and a glass of SIMPLY GRAPEFRUIT JUICE. I heard grapefruit juices aids in weight loss, I’m not sure, I just enjoy drinking grapefruit juice. I also like to pop a B12 pill and a Biotin pill since I’m trying to grow my hair out (different post about that, coming up shortly.)
  2. I’m a snacker, so that’s where a lot of calories use to go, now I found some healthier snacks to eat while I’m work, Blue Diamond Caramel Macchiato Flavored Almonds, are the best, they are actually coated with coffee which is another instant  energy boost for the day. If I’m not snacking on almonds, I like to eat apple sauce and fiber one bars!
  3. Don’t deprive yourself, just limit yourself. My past diets I was telling myself I couldn’t eat this or couldn’t eat that, which only made me want it more! So instead, if you want something that bad, eat it, but not too much. However if you did eat TOO much of it, you better know that you need to work your ass super hard in the gym! Do an extra 15 minutes on the elliptical, squat 20 more times, even get on the bike for 30 minutes extra! Show your body that you deserved to eat whatever you were craving!
  4. Embrace yourself. It took me a while to understand that you don’t lose weight overnight and you can’t love yourself overnight. It truly takes time, but when you don’t love the person that you are, people see that. Others can see that you are self conscious or that you are super aware of your flaws. If you look at my previous posts about loving yourself, you will see that it took me some time to point out what I liked about myself. I continued to tell myself I was beautiful, that I was educated, and that I was a good catch. When you continue to do that you turn into a much happier person and people can see that “Happy Halo” around you! I want you to love yourself so much that you’d do anything to keep yourself healthy, if that means being in the gym 6 days a week so be it!
  5. Working out is vital to becoming healthy. I learned that its best for me to go to the gym directly when I get off work because if I go home I lose all motivation to get out of the house again. Therefore I pack a gym bag the night before and go to the gym at 5:30 when I get off, 5 days a week.  Then I go home, eat dinner, socialize, sleep, and do it all again the next day.
I have a lot more tips but I don’t want this post to be to0 lengthy, if you want to know any more information please do not hesitate to email me at I like to know that someone out there is really adamant about what I have to say.

Until next time ladies


Saturday, October 05, 2013

Brown Smokey Eye

Sometimes but not often, I like to really make up my face! I don’t use a lot of eye shadows whenever I go out but again while shopping at my nearby Target, I saw that they began to sell NYX beauty products. This was like heaven on earth to me because the only place I could get NYX was either from online or ULTA which is almost an hour away from me. And if you don’t know, NYX is super affordable and it’s not cheaply made that’s why it’s so popular.

I’m a huge fan of brown smokey eyes especially the one that Kim Kardashian is always famous for. So I picked up an eye shadow palette from the Love in Rio collection, in the shade “Escape with Rico.” This is a palette that consist of high pigmented dark and sparkly browns.

I can actually say I adore this palette because it’s definitely Woman of Color friendly and it’s basically mistake proof.

I decided to use this palette before going out with a couple of my friends for drinks and the look I wanted to achieve came out perfect.

NYX eye shadows are super pigmented and a little goes a long way.  I used a shadow base so I’m not sure if the shadows would have lasted a long time without it but I can say it lasted throughout the whole night! Definitely will be buying more!
Products Used For Eyes: 
Bare Minerals Eye Shadow Base
NYX Escape With Rico Trio Palette
Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner in Black
Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Mascara 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cantu Flat Iron Spray Review

Recently I took a trip to Target on the search for some bath towels and I avertedly ended up in the hair section! I saw a lot of people on instagram raving about the Cantu Flat Iron Spray so I thought “Hey why not give it a shot?”  Virginia weather is like a roller coaster sometimes and my hair loves to draw moisture from the air leaving my once straight and sleek hairstyle into a big poufy mess!
A can of this flat iron spray was under 5 bucks so if it didn’t work on my hair I didn’t really lose much. This spray claims to condition and add shine to your hair while also reduce frizz and produce a light hold. They also stressed that you must use it on dry hair and I will tell you why when you keep reading!
After I blow dried my hair completely I sprayed the product all over my strands! My hair instantly became stiff and that’s when I looked at the ingredients and saw that it contains ALCOHOL! My hair hates alcohol; it literally acts like a snail with salt on it! I was not going to wait for my hair to become stiff as a brick so I began to brush the product out to help coat it all over and not just the spots that I sprayed! Some of my strands still felt hard but I wanted to have faith that this product would help my hair!
I guess I ended up spraying majority of the product at the top of my hair because when my flat iron slid through those tresses, they instantly became CRISPY-FEELING! WHAT A BIG NO-NO! I ended up finishing my hair not satisfied that I obviously sprayed too much at the top of my hair because the bottom had lots of body but the top was like a dead person – UNMOVING!
Overall I will try this product again but definitely use much less and spray much farther away from my hair this time! My hair is actually still holding, I haven’t used any heat on it since I did this which is great, I also liked that my hair does have a nice sheen going on.

Makes straighten hair last
Produces a nice natural shine to hair.
ALCOHOL is its main ingredient which dries your hair out
Hair gets hard
After flat ironing hair was crispy
It’s easy to use too much of this product

Any of you used this product before? Love it or Hate it?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Oh, How I Love Shoedazzle!

If you ladies have been following me since previous years you would know I have a slight obsession with shoes, especially heels! However being a penny-hugging college student, I have to fight my craving of buying every pair of 6 inch heels I see.

However since May 2013, Shoedazzle has been feeding my appetite for new shoes while also helping me save money in the bank for college expenses.

How Shoedazzle works:

When you sign up for Shoedazzle you have to take a style test where they ask you your preference of heel heights, styles, and colors. Once you complete that task, they give you your very own personal showroom of shoes that you might possibly like! You have the option to “favorite” any pair of shoes you see on the site, which eventually helps the stylist pick shoes similar to your likings each month.

I highly recommend if you sign up for Shoedazzle that you become a VIP customer because it had a lot of great perks. Not only do you save 10% to 30% off of regular priced items but it’s also like a mini shoe savings account. Each month you pay $9.95, which you can either use to purchase a shoe or do like I do which is let my $9.95 accumulate until I basically can afford to pay for a shoe using just that! Shoedazzle also gives you $10 worth of VIP dollars that you can use towards any of your purchases as well! Another plus of the VIP account is the free shipping, which is totally convenient when you purchase a pair of shoes 1 day, then a couple days later find another pair that like! Being a VIP member also gives you first dibs on sales and new items!

Pros of Shoedazzle:
Great selection of heels, wedges, flats and sandals.
VIP account is very affordable.
Shipping is fast.
Free returns.
They also sell jewelry and handbags.

Gather enough style Points for free shoes. 

Cons of Shoedazzle:
Sometimes your personal “Style Room” is a hit or miss.
Size 8 ½ sells out pretty quickly.
Quality of shoes are different from each shoe.
Some shoes can be pricey.

Overall, I have completely fallen in love with Shoedazzle, the last couple pair of shoes I have purchased have all been from them! I even found the perfect pair of black sparkly high heels shoes that I plan to wear at my Hampton University Opening Convocation for only 5 bucks on Shoedazzle! What a steal!

If any of you are interested in signing up Shoedazzle, do not hesitate to do so, do it now and let them know I,, referred you!

recent purchase for 5 bucks! So comfortable for a lot of walking!

Do any of you ladies use Shoedazzle how do you like it?


Friday, August 30, 2013

FYI - Dont Give Up On Your Hair Routine

This will be a very short post to show you something pretty awesome! Yesterday i was going through my pictures on my IPhone to delete a few and i found the pic when i first started my hair journey back in December 2012. I had chopped a lot of my hair off and it was so short! Any-who i kept going and i saw a picture from February, i noticed my hair had grew from the first pic, then i found another pic from May and saw that my bang had grew all the way out!

So I made a simple pic collage to show you how just using coconut oil daily and scalp massages really promotes hair growth! 

In July i decided to trim my hair up a little more to slowly get my relaxed pieces out of my hair and i took a pic a few days ago and my hair is definitely still growing! And this is just from me continuing to use coconut oil and adding avocado oil and Castor oil, i bought some Jamaican Black Castor Oil last night as well to use! I really want my hair to be long, healthy and thick by Christmas! We will see ladies!
Terrible quality July 10, 2013 - August 27, 2013

Moral of this post: Continue to take care of your hair, it will not grow over night, but if you really treat it right, it will do what you want it to do!

P.S Have any of you researched the benefits of avacodo oil for your hair! Its awesome, look it up 

Until next time ladies XOXO!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Hair Journey Update + Adding Castor Oil

 Hey Ladies
I’m back atcha with a hair journey update! I haven’t done one in a while huh? For the most part, I kept a weave in all summer. I knew with my hair transitioning, the heat and humidity would have my hair looking a hot mess, so I opted to keep it in a protective style! I do have a confession though, I relaxed my edges lol! I HAD TOO, they would not stay down for the world, I didn’t want to be that picture fail “Brazilian weave with African edges” lol. So yea, I relaxed them!
When I took my weave out on Friday, I noticed my hair had grew a lot. I guess it is true; before getting a weave it’s essential to trim your ends because your hair will grow longer and healthier while braided.
I decided to try something new this month, I’ve been looking at the benefits of castor oil on hair and thought I would do a 30 day challenge with it. I opted to using regular castor oil rather than Jamaican black castor oil because after reading MANY reviews, many said it did the same thing and they all received positive results.

The benefits of castor oil on hair:
 Aids in healthy hair growth
 Helps thinning edges and alopecia
Adds shine
Treatment of dry scalp and dandruff

I mixed my castor oil with coconut oil and will be oiling my hair 2 or 3 times a week nightly. I also will be mixing it with a deep condition that i will be doing once a week. 

So far I’m enjoying my mini scalp massages and I’ve learned a little goes a long way! Hopefully this new concoction will be my holy grail allowing my hair to grow longer and healthier!

Right now for shampoo I’m using Petal Fresh Rosemary & Mint shampoo and Shea Moisture African Black Soap Balancing Conditioner for dry & itch scalp, which I am in love with BTW.

So I definitely will be keeping you all up to date!

Thanks again ladies, are any of you using castor oil, how is your hair benefiting from it? 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Black or White? Either Way Make it Look Good

I believe all black and all white outfits look good on EVERYONE. It gives you a certain kind of confidence that only these two colors can give you!

During the summer I am a huge fan of white jeans and white or tan colored muscle tees that are definitely getting more popular day by day!

If you tend to like all black better than all white that’s perfectly fine as well. All black is not only effortless;y but classy as well, making you look and feel as if you OWN wherever you are at! I absolutely PASS OUT when I see a handsome man wearing all black, it’s naturally sexy and I stand by my belief that anyone can pull it off!

If you can’t decide whether you like all black or all white, no worries, wear both! I recently purchased this polka dot skater dress from H&M and instantly fell in love with it,it’s definitely a showstopper. I was pumping gas and I felt like Carrie Bradshaw because a lot of people wear looking at me and smiling! It was so simple yet so chic!

Moral of this post is don’t be afraid to wear all white or all black or even do both! It’s simply and makes you feel as good as you look no matter where you’re going!

White Outfit: Top - Forever21. Jeans - Old Navy. Wedges - DSW.
Black & White Outfit: Dress - H&M. Heels - ShoeDazzle.
Black Outfit: Top: - JC Penney. Shorts - H&M. Shoes - Barefoot.

Thanks Ladies, Talk to you soon!


Your Best Accessory is Your... SHOES!

I could be the only girl in the world who has a love/hate relationship with jewelry. Don’t get me wrong, I love different kinds of necklaces, bracelets and earrings but I hate that I have to take them off at night only to put them back on again! It’s tiring and I really don’t have the patience to look in my jewelry box  for something that matches my outfit each day! Sorry ladies, I’m lazy! I wear the same earrings every day, sometimes a watch, sometimes a bracelet, and I wear an anklet every day!

But don’t think for a minute that I still don’t dress up outfits with accessories. I just so happen to use my shoes as accessories!

I have a very healthy appetite for new heels. Not only do I adore a classic black heel but I also love bold colored heels that make any plain outfit light up the night sky!

When I first started wearing heels, I only had ONE pair, which were these strappy black heels that I had purchased from Charlotte Russe.  I recently found them in the back of my closet and realized how UGLY they were and how low the heel was to the ground, 3 INCHES! But back then, I loved those shoes until I literally broke one of the straps.

Now 7 years later, I’m purchasing 3 or 4 pair of shoes a month, 5 inches or higher! Heels will literally make or break you! I think it’s essential for all ladies to have some heels that they feel confident in and know they look good in, even if it takes you walking around your house with your heels on constantly, do it until you OWN those heels!

Some of my favorite places to purchase heels are:

Tell me what heels you are looking at right now? I want to know!

Thanks loves XOXO!

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

How to Get an Amazing "False Lashes Look" without the False Lashes

If I had to pick one beauty item to bring with me on a weekend get-a-way, it would most definitely be an AMAZING tube of mascara, I cannot go a day without it! Already having naturally long lashes, I get a lot of compliments on them and many even ask if they’re fake! I like false eye lashes but I have not found a pair that I have absolutely positively fallen in LOVE with! I've seen some that I loved on OTHER women but none on myself.

So with that being said, I found a routine perfect for me to give the illusion of false lashes. With the help of a few great products, it’s easy to make your lashes “Gone with the Wind Fabulous” too! 

First, starting with an eyelash curler, you want to curl your lashes. Lashes sometime lose their curls for various reasons, so doing this step weekly will keep them curled making them appear fuller and longer. IMO this step also helps if you tend to get a lot of lashes stuck in your eye.

Secondly, I like to outline my eyes with a really black eyeliner, lately I've been using the Maybelline EYESTUDIO in the color “Blackest Black” and it works wonders! If you want to get the REAL DEAL false lash effect you have to start off with a neat, thick, and clean line. I like to just outline the top of my eyes and not the bottom, especially if I’m just going to work or school.

Next, I like to use a primer. Yes there’s is a primer for your eyelashes! I can definitely tell a difference on the days I decide to skip priming my lashes. I like to use M.A.C Prep + Prime eyelash Lash Primer, it comes out white and actually makes your lashes appear thicker. I wait a couple minutes after putting the primer on to let it work its magic on my lashes and also to let it dry clear.

After that I like to use a lengthening Mascara like Victoria Secret’s Lash Lust. I love this mascara because the wand is small and it lets you gain easy access to those hard to reach lashes closer to your waterline. I do only one coat of a lengthening mascara and allow it dry before using my volumizing mascara. .

Once the first mascara dries, I go for my Victoria Secret Volume Lift Mascara. I recently just purchased this mascara and I absolutely adore it. The wand is huge which is a dead giveaway that your lashes are going to be HUGE, and that is exactly what we are going for!

Lastly if you have any clumps because that tends to happen when you put on one or more coats of mascara, just take an eyebrow comb (Not Brush) and lightly comb them out starting from the ends to the roots, this will get most of the clumps out and VIOLA BIG BOLD BEAUTIFUL LASHES!


  • Instead of attempting to put mascara on your lower lash line, try coating your top lashes and BLINKING hard a couple of times. This will allow you to put mascara on your bottom lashes, giving your eyes an even bigger POP!
  • When buying a mascara try to get the BLACKEST BLACK they have!

Other Mascaras that I enjoy:
  1. M.A.C Haute and Naughty Too Black Lash
  2. Milani Total Lash Cover
  3. Maybelline Colossal Volume Express

Sunday, June 23, 2013

My 5 Favorite Summer Lipsticks

Looking for the perfect lipstick for this summer? Have no fear, I have five of my favorite lipsticks right here to show off! If you know me, you know that I am a lipstick fanatic. A little over a year ago, I even had a segment on my blog called “Wet Kisses Wednesdays” where I would showcase the pros and cons of a new lipstick weekly.

Since I haven’t done that lately, I decided to do a little list of the lipsticks I've been currently wearing a lot since it’s been hotter outside! From pinks, purples and reds, I wear them all and make sure they are WCF (women of color friendly).

NUMBER 5 – This is one of my favorite nude lipsticks, its South Beach Sand by Covergirl the Queen Collection. This is not your ordinary nude lip. This has specs of golden tones great for the days you want to go for a bronze look. I wear this lipstick a lot when I had on a monotone outfit and I want my face to have a WOW factor. I would pair it with a bronzer, a black bold liner and gold eye shadow! It’s very moisturizing and WCF!

NUMBER 4 – One of my favorite colors are lilac and I was lucky to find a lipstick by M.A.C called Asian Flower that was very similar to a lilac color. This is a great pastel purple that doesn't wash you out like some tend to do. I ordered this lipstick on a whim when I was on their website, I wanted something that was daring but still calm to wear for everyday purposes. I work in a public relations department and I honestly wear this lipstick everyday so that proves that it is not a very loud purple!

NUMBER 3 – Again I love me a purple lipstick, when I picked up Brazen Berry by Covergirl, I knew I would instantly fall in love with it. It’s a deep purple that you can build up to a very bright purple or wear to achieve a light purple tent. I believe this color will look beautiful on EVERYONE’S skin complexion, it’s really fitting, I like to wear this as a statement piece for my face. I will do mascara, foundation, and then this lipstick!

NUMBER 2 – M.A.C’s Snob, it took me a very long time to purchase this one for various reasons. It’s a very bold pink, its pale, and I was afraid I would look like I just finished eating a powder donut! However, I played with it for a long time until I found what was suitable for me! This is not a lipstick I can wear by itself, I need a lip liner, foundation, the whole works! The lip liner I use it Cork by M.A.C, which is very suitable for almost all of my lipsticks. While I did not use a liner in the picture below whenever I do go out, I will use a liner! It’s actually a beautiful color and if you wear it correctly you can make it your own!

NUMBER 1 – I jumped on this band wagon a couple months ago, beauty bloggers would always say this was the best red lipstick for women of color and I never truly believed them due to all of the FAILED attempted I tried with other red lipsticks. However Ruby Woo by M.A.C truly is the BEST red lipstick I ever used! It’s become one of my favorites and I use it almost every time I go out with my friends! While it is really drying, it’s essential to moisturize your lips beforehand, peeled lips and Ruby Woo do not go together, TRUST ME, I know! I will post more pictures of me and ruby woo below, I love it that much!

If you guys have any other lipsticks that you think I would like, please leave a comment below I am definitely open to trying new lipsticks from any brand!

More of Ruby Woo!

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Perfect First Date Outfits

So you meet this guy, he’s tall, handsome and has the prettiest teeth you ever seen! You exchange numbers with him and after a couple days of chatting it up, he asks you out on your first date!

Depending on the guy, your first date can be a variety of things, going to the bar, movies, or having a romantic picnic on the beach. Whatever the event may be, it’s essential to dress appropriately.

Sometimes, as young ladies, we try to do something out of the ordinary and end up confusing the guy because we get caught up in pretending to be something we are not. He’s obviously already attracted to you, so it’s no need to wear the extra make up, the super short dress, or the tight fitting blouse. 

Be you, yes you want to look sexy and show him that you are a good catch, but you can do so by leaving a lot to the imagination! We want to leave him with the impression that you guys are both in this for the long run and not for a one night stand!

I have three outfits for three different date nights that will definitely leave him thanking God he was brave enough to ask you for your number the night you met him!

Movie Night 
Movie dates are very typical and if you are a pretty shy person, I think these are the perfect first dates because you aren’t in each other’s faces the whole time, and it allows you to do only a little bit of talking (unless one of you are very talkative during the movie, like myself). Usually after movie dates, you can go and get dessert and reflect on whether the movie you all seen was either good or bad.

Black and White is always a “GO TO” for me because yo can dress it up and down. Pairing a pair of white jeans with a black and white sleeveless button down blouse is perfect because if you go to the movies in the day time, you can pair it with flats and if you go at night, you can pair it with a nice pair of sexy heels that give you a more sophisticated look!
Tip: if you want to add a pop of color to your black and white ensemble, pair your fit with some red loafers, they will go great!

Movie Night

Movie Night by ashley-walton featuring a hinged bangle bracelet

Bar and Club Date
If you guys are a little more spontaneous and are DEFINITELY into each other, going to the bar is a great idea! I say DEFINITELY into each other, because  there are many distractions that can interfere with you all having a good time together there.
I would go for something sexy, but not “I WANT A MAN” sexy but more like “I ALREADY HAVE A MAN” sexy lol! Also be cautious, do not drink too much, you want him to like you for you, not the drunk, I dance on tables with my girlfriends you, be a respectful young lady because I will give my last dollar that he will notice any little changes you make as you drink. I would limit myself to one or two girly drinks to maintain complete composure.
I would go for a body con dress that’s not too short, longer length dresses are IN right now and its perfect to show the man you are with that you can be sexy as well as classy! I would pair the bodycon dress with the, also in now, pair of heeled sandals. If you don’t want to stand out to much, I would go for a black color, but if you want to use it as a statement piece, I would go for a brighter color!

bar club

bar club by ashley-walton featuring body con dresses

Picnic at the Beach
Now that its getting hotter there will be many trips to the beach with your new honey. If he’s super romantic, he’ll set up a nice little picnic one afternoon at the beach. This is the time you go for a more relaxed look, you don’t want to be the girls with HEELS on in the sand, you will just look like you tried too hard. A super cute maxi dress or a tank with a pair of distressed shorts would go perfect for the occasion, depending on the time of your picnic!


beach by ashley-walton featuring long dresses

Hope these gave you some great ideas for your future dates you have planned. if you have any questions or ideas dont be afraid to shoot me a comment!



Thursday, May 09, 2013

Same girl, 3 Different Looks!

Im back!!! Yes, school is finally over and I now have only ONE more semester left until I graduate! I seriously cannot wait! I honestly had one of the hardest semesters of my whole college career but I am so glad that it is over and done with, so I can focus more on my blog!
I missed you all and I hope you missed me too! I have a lot of exciting new things planned including a GIVEAWAY this summer!  You ladies have been showing me love for over a year now and I want to show how appreciative I really am towards each and every one of you all.

I came back to show you how its only May 9th and I am killing the fashion game. I will show you three different looks from three prior engagements with details on where you can get each item!

First up, I went to a Norfolk State University graduation party at Club Palace! NSU is one of HU’s rivals, but a lot of my friends from back home attend there, so I had to go out and SHOW OUT!  I had a blast at this party, it’s a beautiful thing to see YOUNG BLACK PEOPLE GRADUATING, and it was an amazing experience!

 The dress is from Olive Ole, the shoes are from Barefeet Shoes and the necklace is from Forever21. 

The second look, I went to a bar with my sister and best friend. I am kind of mad I wasted this outfit. Baxter’s (the bar) is always a hit and miss and that night it was a miss. I ended up leaving early!

 Peplum top is from Olive Ole, Faux leather pants Target, Open toe wedges Olive Ole. Glasses from Icings.

The third look is from me going Paintballing for the first time! This was a very exhilaration experience but it did indeed hurt like hell! I still wanted to look fashionable while I also made show I dressed in layers. I had two pair of tights under my pants and I had 2 tank tops and a sports bra under my sweatshirt! I came for war, my operator at work took us on this trip for free and everyone had one person who they all wanted to get, it was pretty funny! Definitely willing to go again!
Army Fatigue Pants from Goodwill, Sweater was gifted, and Nike shoes from finishline. 

I plan on giving you more fashion looks on this blog because I’m ready to live it up this summer. I’m planning a couple trips (in my head) hopefully to Atlanta or Miami, and definitely DC!

See you all later!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Hair Journey Update + The Hair Groupie

I know, I know, I have not done a hair journey update since February, but I have a good reason, I have a weave! Yes, since the beginning of March, my hair has been braided under 2 bundles of 16 and 18 inches of Cambodian hair and guess what, I LOVE IT!

I purchased this hair during a sale from THE HAIR GROUPIE in February. At first I was very skeptical of this hair because it was Cambodian, and I didn't know anyone rocking that hair type, but I purchased it anyway and I am so glad I did! I absolutely love this hair, it’s the very best virgin hair I’ve ever had in my hair!

This hair straightens, curls, waves, braids, twist, everything you can imagine and you all know I went to the Bahamas with this hair and it endured everything from sweat, chlorine, salt water and alcohol (LOL).,

I decided to wait to review this hair because, its people all over YouTube reviewing hair, one week after their install, that’s fake to me. I like to hear reviews from people who have had their hair in for over a month, like myself! I absolutely adore this hair, when I wash it, it waves back to its original pattern, I haven’t experienced much tangles except when I go to work and have to put it in a bow, and the shedding is very minimal, VERY minimal!  Next week, I will be giving my hair a little breather, and then putting it back in.

When it comes to weave it makes me feel like a sexier women, I really feel “all that and a bag of chips” lol.


The hair is very thick.
Medium luster, blends well with natural hair.
Curls perfect.
When washed, goes to its natural wavy state.
Experienced no FRIZZING.
Minimal tangling and shedding.
True to length.


She doesn’t always sell the Cambodian hair, and I want to purchase a 22inch!

Pictures provided below! 
Wand Curls 

Barrel Curls 

Braid Out

Flat Ironed Straight

Curling Wand

Partial air and blow dry

That’s about it ladies, I believe she is having a sale that ends tonight at midnight (4/12/2013), so hop up on it before it’s too late!