Monday, December 02, 2013

Top 3 Holiday Party Looks

Its officially holiday season and you know what that means? Holiday parties are now just around the corner! If you haven’t already, its very likely you will be invited to a couple Christmas parties, whether it’s for your job or from your friends, its essential to find the perfect dress for each occasion.
So to make things easier on you, and myself, I've decided to create a list of my top 3 favorite holiday dresses, all coming from, for any holiday setting.

Holiday parties from your job are always fun! It’s a chance to show your one of a kind style while also keeping it professional to your coworkers. I know we’ve all seen the movies where there’s a woman dressed sleazy and getting belligerently drunk in front of all co-workers and we know we don’t want that be us this Christmas! My opinion you should only sip 1 glass of wine at a office holiday party because these people are not strangers and you do have to come back to work Monday morning.

I love this lace midi dress that is sexy but still very professional! You will turn heads especially if you usually are the white button down black slacks type of girl Monday-Friday.  This dress is 40 bucks!

Its tradition in my family to hold our Christmas party at a family member’s house each year.  I remember being a young girl and always wearing one of my newly opened Christmas fits to the party. Now that I’m older imp opting to wear a new cute dress with some tights just in case I have to sit on the floor (It’s that many people there.) Tip: Opt for something loose-fitting because Christmas is almost like Thanksgiving with tons of food.

I recently purchased this dress and the picture really does not do it any justice! Something about the swinging and the turtleneck screams the 90’s to me. Pair it with a dark lip like MAC’s Media or Talk That Talk and look fabulous while also comfortable.  This dress is only $30 dollars, what a steal!

When you go to a Christmas party thrown by one of your friends, I believe this is when you really strut your stuff! My friends and I always try to dress to impress so I believe you can go the extra mile with whatever kind of dress style you are going for! If you always wear black, wear red,i f you only wear flats, its time to break out your heels (unless you serious can’t walk in heels, then flats are fine!

I picked this dress because I LOVE sequin but I don’t like to wear it very often due to it snagging everything in site! This is definitely an eye catcher and when wearing the right pieces of jewelry, it can have you looking the best at the party. This dress is $70 dollars but I believe it’s worth every penny.

Which one is your favorite?