Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ive been gone for a min....

Greetings hunnies, the past couple of months have been full of soo many exciting and not so exciting things. ONE of the main not so exciting things is my computer breaking out of no where =(! That definitely played a major  part of my MIA of this blog.

Also i just finished my junior year at Hampton University and im now working part time and interning as well, making my work hours from 9am to 10pm Monday through Friday. .... AHHHH im going to stop, this sounds like im giving you guys 1000 excuses.

Just know, i will be back, with a bang! lol hopefully, in the next couple of days i will be coming back with a new blogpost that i hope you guys are excited to read, i assume it will be about weight loss, being that i recently lost 18 points!!! HEYYY HEYYY NOW!

but yea, i missed you guys and i cant wait to start writing again.

bye lovesss