Saturday, March 15, 2014

Keyshia Cole for Steve Madden

I am a huge fan of Keyshia Cole, i enjoy her music as well as her constant hair changes she goes through (her hair is always gorgeous, for the most part!) 

Last year she teamed up with Steve Madden and came out with a great collection of shoes that i was unable to get my hands on.However, the styles were very bold and eclectic, definitely made for the girl that likes to be the center of attention

Now she's back with the 2nd collection with Steven madden and this time i definitely will be purchasing a pair in the near future. The shoes in this years collection are even bolder then last years and are definitely statement pieces to dress up any ensemble this spring and summer!

The prices aren't that bad, ranging less then $200 a pair, sometimes when i make a purchase that's a little more than what i would like to spend, i like to break it up in paychecks, take $100 from each check and then VIOLA by 1 month, you have what you really wanted! In my head, it makes me feel like i didn't spurge too bad on something.

Anywoo, i picked 3 of my favorite pair from the collection and as of right now i dont know which one i will be picking. I guess ill let you all know in a month lol. 
so let me know, any of you interested in her new collection? As of right now, if you go to the Steve Madden website, you can enter their giveaway which will allow 1 winner to pick 3 of your favorite shoes from the collection while also receiving an autographed photo from Keyshia herself! Enter Here!

Bling Bling on a Budget

As i was strolling through the mall for some new jewelry pieces to accent a couple of outfits i recently purchased, i stumbled in to Charlotte Russe. I don't know if many people know this, but i hate spending money on jewelry. Don't get me wrong, i love a nice necklace or some super cute earrings but my heart doesn't sit well spending a lot of $$$ on jewelry.

With that being said, i found my way to the jewelry section which eventually let me to the clearance section where i found a couple of very nice and bold looking necklaces. I turned them around waiting to see $16.99 or something of that sort only to be surprised to see $.99! UNBELIEVABLE RIGHT? 

At first i said to myself this has to be a mistake then i started reaching for more and they all said $.99 as well! The price was perfect, i picked up a few more pieces that would go great with any spring outfit and i left CR with a great feeling especially since i was able to get such an awesome deal.

I would highly suggest you all go to your local CR and stock up if they still have this sale going on. You can also check them out online at Charlotte Russe.

Talk to ya later!

Friday, March 14, 2014

I'm Bringing Shoegasms Back

Hey beautiful ladies!

So do any of you remember on ISAIDIWASAMAZING when i would do my weekly "Shoegasm" post where i would post some bad ass shoes then give you all the deets?
.... no? nobody? no one remembers? well okay then lol!

One of the reasons i discontinued that segment was due to my fiances, i was buying shoes like i had a full time job and i had places to be! I had to woo-sah a little bit and calm ALL THE WAY down. I mean i still buy, adore and DROOL over some bad ass heels but me clicking the purchase button has now become a full convo with myself and my wallet lately.

However, now that I'm in a better and wiser place in my life, i feel like i should bring back those shoegasm post and anyway who said i had to actually purchase the shoes, however for this post, i did purchase them. (Hey i deserved it!)

These two pair of shoes are both from Shoedazzle and under $50!

The first pair which are called the "NICHOLE" are these AMAZING mesh, open toe black booties! I swear i never seen them on the site but when the oh so beautiful blogger @arjaunjubri from started posting how much she loved these booties i became instantly enticed and I HAD TO HAVE THEM ... so i bought them and i cant wait to wear them, like seriously i cant wait to wear them!

The second pair are these cute cut-out sandals that are available in 3 different accents, "Mireya". i purchased the yellow and brown pair! What i love the most about these sandals is the faux snake skin detail on the heel and sole of the shoes! I can definitely see myself wearing them out for a nice night on the town with my girlfriends during the upcoming deathly hot summer we will be having!

Tell me what you think? Would you purchase any of these shoes?

Definitely will be posting more pictures as soon as i wear them! Thanks again ladies!