Wednesday, October 26, 2016

After 25 ...

A couple weeks ago I turned 26 and I had to sit down and thank the Lord for allowing me to see 26 years on this earth. I had to really think about how fortunate I am at this still VERY YOUNG age. It’s still so much for me to learn but I’m starting to see my vision and true purpose as to why I’m here.
It would not be me to not have any lessons learned while I endured and got through 25. Here’s just a few that will stick with me forever.

  • Life has no problem humbling you all the way down. I use to think I was so well off and I had this and that, but when something happened to me where I could no longer be independent and eventually become dependent on others, it made me realize that material things can be taken away from you in a blink of an eye. Never think for ONE second that you have it all because you do not!!! Take my advice lol.
  • Love is meant to build you into an even stronger person. Don’t look at other people’s relationship and see that as #GOALS, make your own goals, make your own mistakes, and make your own breakthroughs.  There will be arguments and times when you want to give up but if that person means a lot to you, you try and fight for it, that’s how you become #GOALS
  •  Lastly, you will endure a lot of test, whether it’s financially or at work, they will happen but test are there to allow you to learn and grow! You will get through it, you will think everyone hates you in the office or your big mess up will cost you your job, but admitting to your mistakes and learning from them is how you pass these life test.

25 is a CRAZY but exciting age, just when you think you’ve learned all you can learn and done all that you can do, 26 comes a long and teaches you a whole new set of ropes! It’s a lovely thing!

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