Sunday, June 23, 2013

My 5 Favorite Summer Lipsticks

Looking for the perfect lipstick for this summer? Have no fear, I have five of my favorite lipsticks right here to show off! If you know me, you know that I am a lipstick fanatic. A little over a year ago, I even had a segment on my blog called “Wet Kisses Wednesdays” where I would showcase the pros and cons of a new lipstick weekly.

Since I haven’t done that lately, I decided to do a little list of the lipsticks I've been currently wearing a lot since it’s been hotter outside! From pinks, purples and reds, I wear them all and make sure they are WCF (women of color friendly).

NUMBER 5 – This is one of my favorite nude lipsticks, its South Beach Sand by Covergirl the Queen Collection. This is not your ordinary nude lip. This has specs of golden tones great for the days you want to go for a bronze look. I wear this lipstick a lot when I had on a monotone outfit and I want my face to have a WOW factor. I would pair it with a bronzer, a black bold liner and gold eye shadow! It’s very moisturizing and WCF!

NUMBER 4 – One of my favorite colors are lilac and I was lucky to find a lipstick by M.A.C called Asian Flower that was very similar to a lilac color. This is a great pastel purple that doesn't wash you out like some tend to do. I ordered this lipstick on a whim when I was on their website, I wanted something that was daring but still calm to wear for everyday purposes. I work in a public relations department and I honestly wear this lipstick everyday so that proves that it is not a very loud purple!

NUMBER 3 – Again I love me a purple lipstick, when I picked up Brazen Berry by Covergirl, I knew I would instantly fall in love with it. It’s a deep purple that you can build up to a very bright purple or wear to achieve a light purple tent. I believe this color will look beautiful on EVERYONE’S skin complexion, it’s really fitting, I like to wear this as a statement piece for my face. I will do mascara, foundation, and then this lipstick!

NUMBER 2 – M.A.C’s Snob, it took me a very long time to purchase this one for various reasons. It’s a very bold pink, its pale, and I was afraid I would look like I just finished eating a powder donut! However, I played with it for a long time until I found what was suitable for me! This is not a lipstick I can wear by itself, I need a lip liner, foundation, the whole works! The lip liner I use it Cork by M.A.C, which is very suitable for almost all of my lipsticks. While I did not use a liner in the picture below whenever I do go out, I will use a liner! It’s actually a beautiful color and if you wear it correctly you can make it your own!

NUMBER 1 – I jumped on this band wagon a couple months ago, beauty bloggers would always say this was the best red lipstick for women of color and I never truly believed them due to all of the FAILED attempted I tried with other red lipsticks. However Ruby Woo by M.A.C truly is the BEST red lipstick I ever used! It’s become one of my favorites and I use it almost every time I go out with my friends! While it is really drying, it’s essential to moisturize your lips beforehand, peeled lips and Ruby Woo do not go together, TRUST ME, I know! I will post more pictures of me and ruby woo below, I love it that much!

If you guys have any other lipsticks that you think I would like, please leave a comment below I am definitely open to trying new lipsticks from any brand!

More of Ruby Woo!

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