Monday, October 29, 2012

Hey, Nice Watch

A couple of weeks ago I found out that Fossil made Micheal Kors watches, so i decided to go in there and find a nice cute watch for Christmas. Its crazy because they're over 100 dollars cheaper and the quality is still the same. People sometimes get so hooked on the brand not knowing that they could be saving a lot of money looking around.

I'm torn between these two, a rose gold or a chocolate and rose gold watch, both big faces.

which ones do you like ladies?

Watch 1
Watch 2

Let me know!

Single and Clubbing

Last Saturday I was in one of those moods to go clubbing, so my two friends, James and Stephen, and I decided to hit up Palace on Plume in Norfolk.

I wasn’t trying to TWERKSUM or “dance like a stripper”, I was strictly there to profile and see what was out and about and that’s exactly what I did.

Me going with two guys made it very difficult to find some nice guys to talk to so I had to wonder off and go solo dolo for the majority of the night. A lot of women are scared to do that, reason being I’m not sure. But it was definitely a fun exhilarating experience seeing the club scene with your own eyes without your girls in the background judging every guy that walks up to you.

I guess the moral of this is to go out to the club or a bar by yourself every once in a while, it’s definitely an eye-opener. And plus guys are already intimidated by a group of girls, so I bet if your single and LOOKING, a guy will approach you on some REAL STUFF.

And this just brought another topic, I don’t believe that you CANNOT find your mate in the club, you really have no idea who’s in there, yea there is a couple of SCRUBS, but look I’m a senior at Hampton University, interested in governmental public affairs, my friend James is in pharmacy school, six years, six figures program, and my friend Stephen works full time at the Naval Shipyard. You cannot judge someone because they’re in the club, because if you look in the mirror, you are too! So expect the unexpected when you’re looking to date, love will find you anywhere you just have to be open to accept it.

Talk to ya laters hunnies! 

my friends think their models lol

Birthday, It's Ya Birthday

I feel terrible that I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks, that’s unlike me. But due to Sandy’s little rainstorm here in Virginia I was able to have a little bit of time to give my blog some TLC.

So you know how I was so sad and depressed about my birthday? I ended up having a really good time and meeting a new guy that could possibly stick around :).

So that Wednesday, my actually birthday, my day started by going to a printing press company with my PR writing class, ehhh? Not a nice way to start my birthday but I knew things would get better as the day went forward.

 My sister surprised me with a trip to a local spa called Knuckle and Knots, that was my first time going and my experience was EVERYTHING. Definitely will be going back, I felt so refreshed and relieved after my massage.

After that my sister and best friend took me to one of my favorite restaurants Cheddars, we had a good night full of laughs and drinks, I genuinely felt great that night.

That Saturday afternoon was spent for a day of pampering, I went and got my hair done, nails done, EVERYTHING DID lol. The only thing I didn’t enjoy about that was the prices was not equivalent to the quality of their work, but needless to say, it was still a wonderful experience.

Let the night begin, I gathered up some of my friends and we decided to hit up one of the local clubs and we definitely had a photoshoot before leaving the house. It was so fun, I would have been content just staying there all night.

So after clubbing the night before, we decided to attend church, which was definitely NEEDED lol. After church we went to the mall to drop a couple stacks (HAHAHA YEA RIGHT) but I did find two Fossil watched that could definitely be a Christmas gift from myself.

What I enjoyed about my birthday the most was, I was constantly surrounded around people who loved me through the good and bad, no negative energy surrounded me and everyone truly had my back.

So yea, ready for the pictures? Here goes !

Peplum Top from Olive Ole

 My beautiful mother

Free lemon cupcake
top from Forever 21, loafers from Olive Ole

excuse the boobies

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Loving the Two

* sorry for the abundance of post, today was my day off from school and work and i had A LOT to blog about. LOL

“When you share history with somebody then you tend to fall in love with somebody else, it’s kind of difficult,” he says in the video. “Is there such thing as loving two people? I don’t know. I don’t know if that’s possible but for me, I feel like that.”

After Chris Brown split with ex-girlfriend Karreuche and produced this video of him being intoxicated after a night of clubbing, it bought up a huge debate with me and some friends on whether it was possible to love two people at the same time.

Me being the absolute sucker for love believe this is 100% true, you can be in love with two people at the same time. When you have been with someone for a long time, you guys share history, seen each other’s flaws, and are genuinely in love, it’s hard to ever stop loving them. So when an unfortunate event happen where you all part ways, that love is still entwined with you all. So after you both believe you can “move on” and find someone new, it’s still in your heart that this person is for you, you can’t stop thinking about that person, and you really just miss that person in your presence.

If it’s real love, you just don’t fall out of love with a person for one (or a couple) bad thing. He could break your heart, leave you in the rain crying, embarrass you, but you still love that person.
 While you can love two people at one time, the decision on whether you are grown or not takes place. are you going to be grown enough to love someone else with all your heart or are you going to play games and continue to be with someone else while another person has your heart. 

 I personally think you can love someone but you guys aren't meant to be together and that is definitely one of the hardest things to go through. Picture someone you love and would do anything for but also picture all the faults they had. They loved you but weren't ready to settle down. They loved you but they were a bum. They loved you but they loved the hoes more. It happens all the time. But stuff like that gets in the way preventing you to have the perfect relationship. So it’s nothing else to do but try your best to move on, you can’t make anyone change and why continue to deal with bullshit like that just because you love them.

Chris loved Rihanna and it was unfortunate for what happened to occur, but it did. They both tried to move on but deep down inside Chris continued to love Rihanna, making it impossible for him to ever love Karreuche the same way he loved Rihanna. Yes he probably loved Karreuche but to the same degree as Rihanna, I don’t think so. And it always sucks being that “rebound” person, because you’re giving your all and he’s trying to give his all as well but he can’t because his relationship with Rihanna didn't end on them both wanting to end it.

Do you guys agree that it’s possible to love two people at the same time, or no? I want to hear your views!

Love ya!

Mauve it Over and perhaps GIVEAWAY

Revlon “Mauve it Over”

it was raining cats and dogs, thats why i
look so upset lol
Revlon has not been disappointing me in my last couple of purchases from them. Mauve it Over is becoming one of my favorite nude lippies for any make up look I’m trying to achieve. You can dress it up or under, I like to use one coat and gloss when I’m going to school while when I’m going out I’ll do 2 coats for a bolder nude lip.

Mauve it over is a matte lip color that is in the middle of nude and maybe a peachy tint. It looks well with my brown complexion and the matte is not drying at all, I recommend this for women of color.

As I said in a prior post, I’m always skeptical buying lipsticks, I haven’t seen reviews on but I’ve been winning so far.  In the near future I will be doing a review on Revlon’s “Black Cherry” let’s see its giving me the OXBLOOD look I’m looking for.

Thanks again loves!

P.S I want to give a small giveway, but I’m not sure if I will have a lot of participation, let me know if I would get participation, because I have few things I’d love to give away!

Birthday Blues

Less then 24 hours until my beautiful birthday and I have a cold like no other.

I don't know if its the cold that has me feeling down and out or me becoming a year older.

For the past 8 years, i have done something for my birthday with a mass amount of family that loves me and friends too, it was simple and fun to plan an eventful weekend... but this year my body and my mind just isn't up for it.

I keep getting text and calls asking what I'm doing, and no one believes me when I say nothing. Partying has been something I've kept to a minimal after I started interning with the city, then in July when my grandmother passed, it was to the point where I hardly ever wanted to go out. I reevaluated a lot of people in my life and many of then weren't fit to what I projected my life to be in the future. this is not a bad thing and I believe everyone needs to do this every once and while to continue on the right path. 

when you're young, it seems like 22 is a big stepping stone, i thought maybe i would have my life together a little more then what it is now. don't get me wrong, i am more than thankful for what i have, but i feel like i could have acted out on better opportunities concerning my life. 

i always get like this, before my birthday and it could just be me over analyzing my life but again I'm blessed to see another year. maybe during the weekend, I'll liven up again and you all will get to see some pictures of what extravaganzas took place for my birthday.

thanks for being a listening ear you guys!

love ya!