Thursday, January 03, 2013

Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale

Its that time again! Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale. During the next two weeks you can find your favorite bras, panties, beauty products, and fragrances up to 50% off. How lovely is that?

I really do wait all year for this sale because its one of my only chances to BALL OUT *rih rih voice*. Plus I had a 25 dollar gift card which gave me even more reason to head out to my closest VS.

Now, I did not MEAN to spend over 100 dollars, I really didn't mean it! But I wanted everything! When I see something half off, my minds goes to this place of its own and then comes back and signals back to my wallet saying "Yea, you can afford that!"

Needless to say, I will not be spending any more money at Victoria’s Secret anytime soon!

Check out some of the things I bought. 

 These are the very sexy brilliant lip shine, priced half off!

 (1) Rock Me. (2) Party Girl. (3) Diva. 

Victoria Secret Perfect Lipstick.

Victoria's Secret Sheer Lip Color Duo in Tete' a Tete'.

(1) Rockin' Body Luminous Perfecting Body Cream. (2) Body Creme with Shea Butter. (3) Beauty Rush Secret Crush Body Wash. (4) Hand Cream with Shea Butter. 

(1) VS Smokey Eye Palette. (2) VS Party Perfect Palette. (3) VS Lash Lust Volume Definition Mascara. (4) VS Airbrush FX Bronzing Primer.

(1) Victoria's Secret AMAZING bra. (2) Victoria's Secret KNOCK OUT push up bra. (3) Victoria's Secret Deep V Low-Back Multi Way Bra (not shown). (4) 5 for 26 cotton undies. 

As you can see ladies, these sales are very tempting! Have any of you shopped their sale yet! I would love to know what you all bought. 

Also, i will be doing a review later on on the lipsticks!


- Ashley