Thursday, January 24, 2013

4 Bathing Suits for Every Budget

Hey ladies,

Bathing suit season is right around the corner and I hope you all know that what you eat in the winter will be SHOWING in the summer! I try to remember that whenever I'm tempted with an irresistible piece of chocolate cake.

I am actually excited for trips to the pool and the beach this year; I've been working so hard in the gym for about a year and its time to show off what I've been slaving for. I’m surely not where I want to be but I am a long way from where I use to be and in order to look good you have to feel good!

Don’t shy away from something just because you don’t like a certain body part of yours, more than likely you are the only one who notices whatever concern there is with that part of your body.

I was never the one to be scared of a bathing suit but I would always wear shorts over my bathing suits no matter what. But as I began to love the person reflecting back to me in the mirror, I also converted my flaws into little special looks about me. While this does take time, you can always start today. Every morning when you wake up tell yourself you love you, you look your skin complexion, you love your big eyes, you love your small lips, whatever it is. After a while you will learn to love your whole body!

So ladies, whether you are balling on a budget or have a little extra money to blow, I found 4 of the perfect bathing suits for anyone’s wallet. 

I absolutely love this bathing suit from target, for only $25 dollar this is a win-win situation. First off, i love the color as well as the ruffle, that is definitely in with bathing suits this year! I would hop on this deal while it last! The sizes go from Small to Extra Large. 

This is a bathing suit from ASOS, i love this because its ideal for ladies who are afraid to wear two pieces, so this gives you the two piece look without making you worry that you are showing too much at the beach. I love the mesh panels because it screams SEXY. This is priced at $52 dollars and goes up to a size 12. 

This is from ASOS as well, again i love this because i love the print, please don't shy away from print, i believe thicker women think they are obligated to wearing only black and while there is nothing wrong with black, we need to slowly get out of this and i believe this bathing suit is a great start. It has a little bit of black but also a splash of color to add a unique touch to it. This is priced at 52 dollars as well. 

The last one is from Monif C and it is my favorite from her new collection. I love this color because i believe its suitable for all women of color. This suit is very daring but still hides parts of our body that we don't feel is "ready to be shown" to the world just yet. If you have bigger boobs and are skeptical that this isn't going to hold your boobies up, NO WORRIES because it has removable straps that will keep them in and not out lol. This is more on the expensive side but if you are willing to splurge this is the bathing suit to get! This is priced at $158 and is available for pre-order now!