Wednesday, March 28, 2012


So last night I went to a little 21st birthday shindig with two of my girlfriends. It was at someone’s house so I knew I didn't have to get DRESSED and it was also a school night. I decided to keep it real simple, white button down blouse, denim jeans, and my rodeos( my booties that have tassels coming down the sides, it reminds  me of a cowboy, that’s why I call them my RODEOS lol). I kept my make-up minimum as well as my jewelry, my gold hoops and gold beaded necklace was all that I wore.
Sorry about the pictures, I didn’t get anyone to take them for me, so they’re from my iphone. 

these are my rodeos lol

What I have on
white blouse - Olive Ole
Jeans - Macys
Boots - Barefeet
Earrings - Charlotte Russe
Necklace - Gift 

Oh yea!! Look at these ghetto ass "shot glasses". Needless to say the whole night was filled with laughs
is this Tupperware? 
Hope you like! Bye Lovies!

Wet Kisses Wednesday

The other day while going through my make-up box I realized I had an EXTRAVAGENT amount of lipsticks. I can’t go anywhere without buying at least 1. From M.A.C to beauty supply store brands, I have them all. So I came up with the great idea to do a lipstick review each week (Wet Kisses Wednesday). Cute huh!?

I feel I can perhaps attempt Wet Kisses Wednesday for a couple of months, AT LEAST. And what better day to start then now, being that it is Wednesday! LOL

Today I decided to review one of my favorite nude lipsticks by M.A.C, not only will I be reviewing it, but I will also be showing you a DUPE that will save you 12 dollars (WOW). So here it is…

M.A.C. Cherish

This is one of my favorite nude lipsticks. It is a satin lip that gives you a nice creamy coverage. Usually I don’t use the lipstick with that much coverage as the pictures below but I just wanted to show how it really looks. The color is a nude that is more on the peachy side that stays on really long, especially if you top it off with BoyBait(my favorite creamsheen).

Cherish with Boybait on top

Now, if you want to save a little bit of money, I suggest you go to Walgreens and look into Wet N Wild megalast lipsticks. Please do not sleep on them, they have some wonderful colors that are just as good as M.A.C. anywho, they do have a DUPE to M.A.Cs Cherish and it is called 902C Bare it All.  I bought this a couple weeks ago and the other day when I was going for my nude lipsticks, I noticed this color looked very familiar.  This lipstick glides on very smooth, and it is true to color, even though it does not last as long as Cherish, it does give it a run for its money.

Bare it All
Bare it all with Boybait on top
swatches in camera light bare it all to the left, cherish to the right

Cherish and Bare it All side by side 

Alright you guys, did you like this post? Should I keep on? I would love some feedback. Until next time lovies!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Need Some Color In My Life

This week at school was really warm out and all the girls had their cute maxi dresses and cut off shorts and high-low tanks and i looked in my dresser and closet and realized i was not ready for the spring. AT ALL!


I do not call myself a fashionista for various reasons, one being because I'm still learning to see what looks good and NOT so good on me! How you dress is the way people see you and what they think of you. ITS A FIRST IMPRESSION! I want to make my first impression with anyone a great one especially if i want to enhance my PR networking capabilities.

Soooooo i did a little shopping today and found a lot of cute pieces that i feel will go great for the spring and summer, I'm definitely not finished, tomorrow i'm going to look for some more stuff.

i have such a bubbly personality, but how will anyone know that if I'm wearing plain or dark clothing. I blame this on being lazy in the morning.  I need to fix this A.S.A.P!

i'd like to know what's your favorite item(s) to wear during the spring?

talk to you later loveys *MUAH*

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sex Aint Better Than Love

Like we already didn't know this, Trey Songz just had to remind us that its indeed true, sex aint better than love.

The sad thing is a lot of guys don't understand this concept at all. Its MILLIONS of girls just sitting pretty patiently waiting for a RELATIONSHIP they can only imagine of.  But how long are they going to have to wait?

Especially when there are PLENTY of women out there giving out whats suppose to be between two people in love, to any and every guy that's cute and has money.

Love is a beautiful thing, but with every rapper saying "FUCK LOVE" how can we get to that level? 

I'm not trying to bore yal, it just crossed my mind. Here's the Trey Songz video for "Sex Aint Better Than Love"

Its so cute, i love it !

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

You Cant Go Wrong With Black

Just two of my favorite black dresses I wore recently to the clubs out here in VA!
One is velvet-like that I paired with a nude wedges. The second one is a black and sheer cheetah print dress that I paired with a Jeffery Campbell inspired black bootie.

Dresses:  Olive Ole $29.99. Size Appeal $34.00.
Shoes: Barefeet 

Enjoy loveys

Like, Love, or Hate

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Maybelline Dream Nude Air Foundation

Hey you guys, sorry for the hiatus, I've been really busy. however i am back with a review. I know many of you have heard of Maybelline's new Nude Air Foundation that recently came out this year. 
This foundation is a mousse that you just pump on to the back of your hand. It is said to be a blend of air, water, and pigment which is a good thing because you don't want a lot of stuff clogging your pores. For the price of less than 10 dollars at my local Walmart i thought i'd give it a try. 

This is a very light coverage foundation that i think is very essential for the spring and summer months. Its not heavy at all and it really glides on without you having to build it. 

Before i put this foundation on i did put on my clean&clear oil control lotion in my T-Zone because i do tend to get oily there during the day. 

i can honestly say i love this foundation, because its very natural and you can definitely use it for everyday events, like work or school. 

Positives: Its very light, feels like you have nothing on. it stays on for a long time. the color matches very well with skin tone

Negatives: doesn't cover all acne spots. i'm always scared to use the pump because i think i'm going to get it everywhere lol. 

also wearing:
Maybelline NY eye studio in black
Covergirl Instant Cheekbones contouring blush
Great Lash Mascara
M.A.C studio sculpt Concealer in NW40
Wet N Wild lipstick in color 907C

Bye Lovies