Friday, April 12, 2013

Hair Journey Update + The Hair Groupie

I know, I know, I have not done a hair journey update since February, but I have a good reason, I have a weave! Yes, since the beginning of March, my hair has been braided under 2 bundles of 16 and 18 inches of Cambodian hair and guess what, I LOVE IT!

I purchased this hair during a sale from THE HAIR GROUPIE in February. At first I was very skeptical of this hair because it was Cambodian, and I didn't know anyone rocking that hair type, but I purchased it anyway and I am so glad I did! I absolutely love this hair, it’s the very best virgin hair I’ve ever had in my hair!

This hair straightens, curls, waves, braids, twist, everything you can imagine and you all know I went to the Bahamas with this hair and it endured everything from sweat, chlorine, salt water and alcohol (LOL).,

I decided to wait to review this hair because, its people all over YouTube reviewing hair, one week after their install, that’s fake to me. I like to hear reviews from people who have had their hair in for over a month, like myself! I absolutely adore this hair, when I wash it, it waves back to its original pattern, I haven’t experienced much tangles except when I go to work and have to put it in a bow, and the shedding is very minimal, VERY minimal!  Next week, I will be giving my hair a little breather, and then putting it back in.

When it comes to weave it makes me feel like a sexier women, I really feel “all that and a bag of chips” lol.


The hair is very thick.
Medium luster, blends well with natural hair.
Curls perfect.
When washed, goes to its natural wavy state.
Experienced no FRIZZING.
Minimal tangling and shedding.
True to length.


She doesn’t always sell the Cambodian hair, and I want to purchase a 22inch!

Pictures provided below! 
Wand Curls 

Barrel Curls 

Braid Out

Flat Ironed Straight

Curling Wand

Partial air and blow dry

That’s about it ladies, I believe she is having a sale that ends tonight at midnight (4/12/2013), so hop up on it before it’s too late!  

Charlotte Russe Dresses are Stepping Up

I hope you all are not sleeping on Charlotte Russe. I will admitted I hated Charlotte Russe for a while due to their over-priced regular attire. Nothing said “I NEEDED THIS” in there before/

But I guess after a year or two of not shopping there, they really pulled their “A” game out. My sister and I went to our local mall to shop around since it’s finally getting hot, THANK GOD, and stopped in Charlotte Russe. I immediately went into the dress section and I was in Heaven, they had so many beautiful spring and summer dresses, I absolutely wanted them all.

Knowing I could not have them all, I opted to only trying on two! The first one was a yellow sleeveless crochet and mesh type dress. I adored this dress because the color was fitting and it was unique! I was also excited that I picked up an extra-large and only needed a large! I remember being weary because I could never fit any dresses from Charlotte Russe, just shirts, so I’m very thankful that my body is transitioning how I want it!

The second dress I picked was a black and pink cut out high-low dress. I was hesitant on trying this dress on because for one, I don’t wear pink a lot, and two, this dresses required no bra and I am really top heavy. I still tried on the dress and was very glad I did, the top part held my girls up and it fit them perfectly, I also liked the pink because it gave a really pretty contrast of the black top.

Last night, I could not decide which one I liked better, so I took it to Instragram to see which one of my followers liked either of the dresses. Majority of them picked the black and pink one, but I honestly do not think I showed the yellow dress any justice in the picture, so I will provide a picture below. I put both dresses on hold so now I would like to see which dresses my blog family prefers! I really like both, so there is no wrong answer!

Thanks ladies, love you!

Yellow - $26.99. Pink and Black $20

Disclaimer: I should buy both, they are both bomb for two different occasions!