Friday, April 12, 2013

Charlotte Russe Dresses are Stepping Up

I hope you all are not sleeping on Charlotte Russe. I will admitted I hated Charlotte Russe for a while due to their over-priced regular attire. Nothing said “I NEEDED THIS” in there before/

But I guess after a year or two of not shopping there, they really pulled their “A” game out. My sister and I went to our local mall to shop around since it’s finally getting hot, THANK GOD, and stopped in Charlotte Russe. I immediately went into the dress section and I was in Heaven, they had so many beautiful spring and summer dresses, I absolutely wanted them all.

Knowing I could not have them all, I opted to only trying on two! The first one was a yellow sleeveless crochet and mesh type dress. I adored this dress because the color was fitting and it was unique! I was also excited that I picked up an extra-large and only needed a large! I remember being weary because I could never fit any dresses from Charlotte Russe, just shirts, so I’m very thankful that my body is transitioning how I want it!

The second dress I picked was a black and pink cut out high-low dress. I was hesitant on trying this dress on because for one, I don’t wear pink a lot, and two, this dresses required no bra and I am really top heavy. I still tried on the dress and was very glad I did, the top part held my girls up and it fit them perfectly, I also liked the pink because it gave a really pretty contrast of the black top.

Last night, I could not decide which one I liked better, so I took it to Instragram to see which one of my followers liked either of the dresses. Majority of them picked the black and pink one, but I honestly do not think I showed the yellow dress any justice in the picture, so I will provide a picture below. I put both dresses on hold so now I would like to see which dresses my blog family prefers! I really like both, so there is no wrong answer!

Thanks ladies, love you!

Yellow - $26.99. Pink and Black $20

Disclaimer: I should buy both, they are both bomb for two different occasions!