Sunday, March 24, 2013


Hey ladies, I missed you all so much. I recently just came back from my beautiful vacation to the Bahamas! It was so much fun yet relaxing!

Me and 17 of my friends decided to do it big for our LAST official school spring break! This trip was a first of many things, I had never done in my life.

  • Flew on my first plan
  • Sailed on my first cruise
  • Jet-skied for the first time
  • Without instragram for almost a whole week (lol)

I remember while I was packing, my mother kept asking me “why are you packing heels? No one wears heels on a rocking boat!” TU-HUH! Me and my 8 girlfriends proved her wrong, we dressed up each night. We kept saying we reminded each other of “The Housewives of Atlanta” because we truly were fabulous!

I loved every bit of our vacation, from drinking pool side to smoking cigars like bosses! Now I see why this was my best friends 25th cruise, he really opened my eyes to seeing a whole new world!

Are you guys ready for some pics, alrighty here goes!

Ghetto Moment

Shoutout to everyone that looked through all of these pics, these arent even half but they all show how great of a time we all had!

Photo courtesy of me, brittany, aaron, ivory, and khinedra!