Tuesday, March 05, 2013



Where has the time gone? It was just January 1st and now its March! Time has truly flew from me. While I don't want to complain, i do want to let you girls know I've been in a lot of exciting events to help up-start my career in Public Relations.

I'm just so blessed to have picked a major that i genuine enjoy 24/7. I could not have picked a better major! I am so excited yet scared that i will be graduation this December! I plan to have my career set January 1, 2014. I plan to have my own apartment January 1, 2014 and i plan to have paid ALL of my charge cards by January 1, 2014 (MMHMMM.)

The moral of this short post is to just live your dream, do what you inspire to do. Don't let people who cant see your dreams deter you from what you want to do. You can do anything you want if you work hard for it! Show that you have the ambition and drive to succeed and do what your heart is destined to do. Too many times i would change what i wanted to do because someone thought it was "stupid" or "unrealistic". DON'T EVER DO THAT! that only means you are doubting your decision you made based on someone who can't think beyond YOUR GREATNESS!

I'm ranting, but i have so much good energy running through me right now and i wanted to share it with all you beautiful young ladies. Please be eager to excel in everything you do.

To end this, its 3 days until Spring Break and guess where i'm going THE BAHAMAS! I cannot stress enough how excited i am for this long awaited vacation! Me and 20 other people from Hampton University, Norfolk State University and Old Dominion University will be traveling down there. I cannot wait!  I cant wait to post all of the BAD ASS outfits i have in store for this trip!

Anywhoo, i love you ladies and i cannot wait to post some new and exciting stuff when i come back!