Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sex Aint Better Than Love

Like we already didn't know this, Trey Songz just had to remind us that its indeed true, sex aint better than love.

The sad thing is a lot of guys don't understand this concept at all. Its MILLIONS of girls just sitting pretty patiently waiting for a RELATIONSHIP they can only imagine of.  But how long are they going to have to wait?

Especially when there are PLENTY of women out there giving out whats suppose to be between two people in love, to any and every guy that's cute and has money.

Love is a beautiful thing, but with every rapper saying "FUCK LOVE" how can we get to that level? 

I'm not trying to bore yal, it just crossed my mind. Here's the Trey Songz video for "Sex Aint Better Than Love"

Its so cute, i love it !