Monday, October 29, 2012

Single and Clubbing

Last Saturday I was in one of those moods to go clubbing, so my two friends, James and Stephen, and I decided to hit up Palace on Plume in Norfolk.

I wasn’t trying to TWERKSUM or “dance like a stripper”, I was strictly there to profile and see what was out and about and that’s exactly what I did.

Me going with two guys made it very difficult to find some nice guys to talk to so I had to wonder off and go solo dolo for the majority of the night. A lot of women are scared to do that, reason being I’m not sure. But it was definitely a fun exhilarating experience seeing the club scene with your own eyes without your girls in the background judging every guy that walks up to you.

I guess the moral of this is to go out to the club or a bar by yourself every once in a while, it’s definitely an eye-opener. And plus guys are already intimidated by a group of girls, so I bet if your single and LOOKING, a guy will approach you on some REAL STUFF.

And this just brought another topic, I don’t believe that you CANNOT find your mate in the club, you really have no idea who’s in there, yea there is a couple of SCRUBS, but look I’m a senior at Hampton University, interested in governmental public affairs, my friend James is in pharmacy school, six years, six figures program, and my friend Stephen works full time at the Naval Shipyard. You cannot judge someone because they’re in the club, because if you look in the mirror, you are too! So expect the unexpected when you’re looking to date, love will find you anywhere you just have to be open to accept it.

Talk to ya laters hunnies! 

my friends think their models lol