Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Birthday Blues

Less then 24 hours until my beautiful birthday and I have a cold like no other.

I don't know if its the cold that has me feeling down and out or me becoming a year older.

For the past 8 years, i have done something for my birthday with a mass amount of family that loves me and friends too, it was simple and fun to plan an eventful weekend... but this year my body and my mind just isn't up for it.

I keep getting text and calls asking what I'm doing, and no one believes me when I say nothing. Partying has been something I've kept to a minimal after I started interning with the city, then in July when my grandmother passed, it was to the point where I hardly ever wanted to go out. I reevaluated a lot of people in my life and many of then weren't fit to what I projected my life to be in the future. this is not a bad thing and I believe everyone needs to do this every once and while to continue on the right path. 

when you're young, it seems like 22 is a big stepping stone, i thought maybe i would have my life together a little more then what it is now. don't get me wrong, i am more than thankful for what i have, but i feel like i could have acted out on better opportunities concerning my life. 

i always get like this, before my birthday and it could just be me over analyzing my life but again I'm blessed to see another year. maybe during the weekend, I'll liven up again and you all will get to see some pictures of what extravaganzas took place for my birthday.

thanks for being a listening ear you guys!

love ya!