Friday, September 28, 2012


Oxblood is definitely the go to color this fall! With its deep dark red hue, its there to pull off any classy or sexy look you have for your wardrobe.

Before this week, i didn't have any oxblood colored lipsticks, so you know what i did? I mixed M.A.C cyber with M.A.C rebel and VOILA i received this deep dark hue of red on my lips. Compliments were over flowing so without a doubt i will be going out to search for my first perfect oxblood lipstick. 

Its not only for your lips however, fashionista are also styling it with their shoes, especially oxfords this season, which pulls any tailored look together. You can always go with a sheer oxblood colored blouse which is definitely suitable for day time wear or evening wear for the perfect date with you and your honey!

Be daring, this color goes well with every skin complexion and tone, try it out with a bold black liner, define your cheek bones and oxblood on your lips and you're sure to have a polished look that make people believe it took you hours to achieve.

BTW, Angela Simmons look AMAZING in this picture below. So Chic, Grown, and Classy. She had to be turning heads everywhere she went.