Thursday, September 13, 2012

Purple Kisses

The past couple of weeks i have fallen in love with purple lips! It screams sexy and it's not too powerful for a girlie girl like myself. Two weeks ago i picked up Rebel by M.A.C, which is a mix of purple and burgundy, it definitely would go great if you needed to get your "sexy on" for a date night!

Next i went to Walmart, i intended to get Revlon's Berry Haute, but they were sold out :( so i picked up Revlon's Violet Frenzy, i love love LOVE this shade of purple, it's definitely true to color, it's definitely an eye catcher so i paired it simply with my white boyfriend tee from Target (my favorite).

The last one i bought,Covergirl's Divine, i was a little skeptical in purchasing it because i didn't read any reviews on it and i couldn't see how it looked due to their packaging, but i said YOLO and bought it anyway. LET ME TELL YOU, i am so glad i did, this is a bomb ass shade of lilac and it looks GORGEOUS on us brown skin ladies. It is very similar to M.A.C Amp It Up but much softer and you can definitely pull this look up during the daytime.

Invest in a shade of lipstick you never would of thought of buying! If it wasn't for my mom saying "you have 150 shades of the same nude lipstick", i still would be rocking my WET N WILD Bare it ALL or M.A.C's Cherish lol.

...and don't forget lip liner is your best friend!. 

L-R DIvine, Violet Frenzy, Rebel
Without Flash

With Flash

 I mixed Rebel and Divine together because i thought it would look great against my green blouse i got from H&M.

 I look so evil in this picture, it was 7 in the morning and i was getting ready for school lol, this is Violet Frenzy. Love It!

What shades of lipsticks are you all excited about purchasing this fall?
Love ya!