Sunday, September 16, 2012

Skinny Jeans For Not So Skinny Girls

 Being more on the curvier side always bring difficulties when trying to find the right pair of skinny jeans. Either their too tight at the waist or they're "straight" leg instead of "skinny" (I HATE THAT BTW.) However, while i was on the mission in buying more jeans, i stopped by Old Navy and lets just say, they made my quest to find the perfect skinny jeans end early.  .

Old Navy is usually hit and misses with their jeans because they use weird fabrics that give little to no stretch. When i walked in, there were some jeans labeled as "ROCKSTAR  super skinny" jeans, showcased in the front of the store with all sorts of colors, denim, blue, green, and yellow. I picked up two par, a light denim wash and a orange pair. I got a size 12 and a 14, again because of their weird fits. When i went into the dressing room and tried these bad boys on, i knew they were mine. They have the best stretch to them and they lifted my butt up so it was SITTING NICE LOL. 

The only downfall i have is, they stop right above my ankle, i'm 5'5, so if a person taller then me bought them they would kind of fit like capris. I didn't see if they came in a longer style because it wasn't a big problem. These are perfect jeans for boots because they fit tight and nice, no scrunching or sagging over here!

If you go on their website, OLD NAVY, you will see that they have a huge variety of other colors. They come in a lot of sizes as well ladies so this is definitely an investment worth your money. 

I tried on these, YUCK, did not go well with my complexion at all ! i'm darker then these jeans but by them being so tight, it looked like i was bearing it all, NOT A GOOD LOOK!

Have any of you tried these jeans, Love em or Hate em?

Love ya!