Monday, October 29, 2012

Birthday, It's Ya Birthday

I feel terrible that I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks, that’s unlike me. But due to Sandy’s little rainstorm here in Virginia I was able to have a little bit of time to give my blog some TLC.

So you know how I was so sad and depressed about my birthday? I ended up having a really good time and meeting a new guy that could possibly stick around :).

So that Wednesday, my actually birthday, my day started by going to a printing press company with my PR writing class, ehhh? Not a nice way to start my birthday but I knew things would get better as the day went forward.

 My sister surprised me with a trip to a local spa called Knuckle and Knots, that was my first time going and my experience was EVERYTHING. Definitely will be going back, I felt so refreshed and relieved after my massage.

After that my sister and best friend took me to one of my favorite restaurants Cheddars, we had a good night full of laughs and drinks, I genuinely felt great that night.

That Saturday afternoon was spent for a day of pampering, I went and got my hair done, nails done, EVERYTHING DID lol. The only thing I didn’t enjoy about that was the prices was not equivalent to the quality of their work, but needless to say, it was still a wonderful experience.

Let the night begin, I gathered up some of my friends and we decided to hit up one of the local clubs and we definitely had a photoshoot before leaving the house. It was so fun, I would have been content just staying there all night.

So after clubbing the night before, we decided to attend church, which was definitely NEEDED lol. After church we went to the mall to drop a couple stacks (HAHAHA YEA RIGHT) but I did find two Fossil watched that could definitely be a Christmas gift from myself.

What I enjoyed about my birthday the most was, I was constantly surrounded around people who loved me through the good and bad, no negative energy surrounded me and everyone truly had my back.

So yea, ready for the pictures? Here goes !

Peplum Top from Olive Ole

 My beautiful mother

Free lemon cupcake
top from Forever 21, loafers from Olive Ole

excuse the boobies