Friday, May 10, 2013

Perfect First Date Outfits

So you meet this guy, he’s tall, handsome and has the prettiest teeth you ever seen! You exchange numbers with him and after a couple days of chatting it up, he asks you out on your first date!

Depending on the guy, your first date can be a variety of things, going to the bar, movies, or having a romantic picnic on the beach. Whatever the event may be, it’s essential to dress appropriately.

Sometimes, as young ladies, we try to do something out of the ordinary and end up confusing the guy because we get caught up in pretending to be something we are not. He’s obviously already attracted to you, so it’s no need to wear the extra make up, the super short dress, or the tight fitting blouse. 

Be you, yes you want to look sexy and show him that you are a good catch, but you can do so by leaving a lot to the imagination! We want to leave him with the impression that you guys are both in this for the long run and not for a one night stand!

I have three outfits for three different date nights that will definitely leave him thanking God he was brave enough to ask you for your number the night you met him!

Movie Night 
Movie dates are very typical and if you are a pretty shy person, I think these are the perfect first dates because you aren’t in each other’s faces the whole time, and it allows you to do only a little bit of talking (unless one of you are very talkative during the movie, like myself). Usually after movie dates, you can go and get dessert and reflect on whether the movie you all seen was either good or bad.

Black and White is always a “GO TO” for me because yo can dress it up and down. Pairing a pair of white jeans with a black and white sleeveless button down blouse is perfect because if you go to the movies in the day time, you can pair it with flats and if you go at night, you can pair it with a nice pair of sexy heels that give you a more sophisticated look!
Tip: if you want to add a pop of color to your black and white ensemble, pair your fit with some red loafers, they will go great!

Movie Night

Movie Night by ashley-walton featuring a hinged bangle bracelet

Bar and Club Date
If you guys are a little more spontaneous and are DEFINITELY into each other, going to the bar is a great idea! I say DEFINITELY into each other, because  there are many distractions that can interfere with you all having a good time together there.
I would go for something sexy, but not “I WANT A MAN” sexy but more like “I ALREADY HAVE A MAN” sexy lol! Also be cautious, do not drink too much, you want him to like you for you, not the drunk, I dance on tables with my girlfriends you, be a respectful young lady because I will give my last dollar that he will notice any little changes you make as you drink. I would limit myself to one or two girly drinks to maintain complete composure.
I would go for a body con dress that’s not too short, longer length dresses are IN right now and its perfect to show the man you are with that you can be sexy as well as classy! I would pair the bodycon dress with the, also in now, pair of heeled sandals. If you don’t want to stand out to much, I would go for a black color, but if you want to use it as a statement piece, I would go for a brighter color!

bar club

bar club by ashley-walton featuring body con dresses

Picnic at the Beach
Now that its getting hotter there will be many trips to the beach with your new honey. If he’s super romantic, he’ll set up a nice little picnic one afternoon at the beach. This is the time you go for a more relaxed look, you don’t want to be the girls with HEELS on in the sand, you will just look like you tried too hard. A super cute maxi dress or a tank with a pair of distressed shorts would go perfect for the occasion, depending on the time of your picnic!


beach by ashley-walton featuring long dresses

Hope these gave you some great ideas for your future dates you have planned. if you have any questions or ideas dont be afraid to shoot me a comment!