Thursday, May 09, 2013

Same girl, 3 Different Looks!

Im back!!! Yes, school is finally over and I now have only ONE more semester left until I graduate! I seriously cannot wait! I honestly had one of the hardest semesters of my whole college career but I am so glad that it is over and done with, so I can focus more on my blog!
I missed you all and I hope you missed me too! I have a lot of exciting new things planned including a GIVEAWAY this summer!  You ladies have been showing me love for over a year now and I want to show how appreciative I really am towards each and every one of you all.

I came back to show you how its only May 9th and I am killing the fashion game. I will show you three different looks from three prior engagements with details on where you can get each item!

First up, I went to a Norfolk State University graduation party at Club Palace! NSU is one of HU’s rivals, but a lot of my friends from back home attend there, so I had to go out and SHOW OUT!  I had a blast at this party, it’s a beautiful thing to see YOUNG BLACK PEOPLE GRADUATING, and it was an amazing experience!

 The dress is from Olive Ole, the shoes are from Barefeet Shoes and the necklace is from Forever21. 

The second look, I went to a bar with my sister and best friend. I am kind of mad I wasted this outfit. Baxter’s (the bar) is always a hit and miss and that night it was a miss. I ended up leaving early!

 Peplum top is from Olive Ole, Faux leather pants Target, Open toe wedges Olive Ole. Glasses from Icings.

The third look is from me going Paintballing for the first time! This was a very exhilaration experience but it did indeed hurt like hell! I still wanted to look fashionable while I also made show I dressed in layers. I had two pair of tights under my pants and I had 2 tank tops and a sports bra under my sweatshirt! I came for war, my operator at work took us on this trip for free and everyone had one person who they all wanted to get, it was pretty funny! Definitely willing to go again!
Army Fatigue Pants from Goodwill, Sweater was gifted, and Nike shoes from finishline. 

I plan on giving you more fashion looks on this blog because I’m ready to live it up this summer. I’m planning a couple trips (in my head) hopefully to Atlanta or Miami, and definitely DC!

See you all later!