Wednesday, July 03, 2013

How to Get an Amazing "False Lashes Look" without the False Lashes

If I had to pick one beauty item to bring with me on a weekend get-a-way, it would most definitely be an AMAZING tube of mascara, I cannot go a day without it! Already having naturally long lashes, I get a lot of compliments on them and many even ask if they’re fake! I like false eye lashes but I have not found a pair that I have absolutely positively fallen in LOVE with! I've seen some that I loved on OTHER women but none on myself.

So with that being said, I found a routine perfect for me to give the illusion of false lashes. With the help of a few great products, it’s easy to make your lashes “Gone with the Wind Fabulous” too! 

First, starting with an eyelash curler, you want to curl your lashes. Lashes sometime lose their curls for various reasons, so doing this step weekly will keep them curled making them appear fuller and longer. IMO this step also helps if you tend to get a lot of lashes stuck in your eye.

Secondly, I like to outline my eyes with a really black eyeliner, lately I've been using the Maybelline EYESTUDIO in the color “Blackest Black” and it works wonders! If you want to get the REAL DEAL false lash effect you have to start off with a neat, thick, and clean line. I like to just outline the top of my eyes and not the bottom, especially if I’m just going to work or school.

Next, I like to use a primer. Yes there’s is a primer for your eyelashes! I can definitely tell a difference on the days I decide to skip priming my lashes. I like to use M.A.C Prep + Prime eyelash Lash Primer, it comes out white and actually makes your lashes appear thicker. I wait a couple minutes after putting the primer on to let it work its magic on my lashes and also to let it dry clear.

After that I like to use a lengthening Mascara like Victoria Secret’s Lash Lust. I love this mascara because the wand is small and it lets you gain easy access to those hard to reach lashes closer to your waterline. I do only one coat of a lengthening mascara and allow it dry before using my volumizing mascara. .

Once the first mascara dries, I go for my Victoria Secret Volume Lift Mascara. I recently just purchased this mascara and I absolutely adore it. The wand is huge which is a dead giveaway that your lashes are going to be HUGE, and that is exactly what we are going for!

Lastly if you have any clumps because that tends to happen when you put on one or more coats of mascara, just take an eyebrow comb (Not Brush) and lightly comb them out starting from the ends to the roots, this will get most of the clumps out and VIOLA BIG BOLD BEAUTIFUL LASHES!


  • Instead of attempting to put mascara on your lower lash line, try coating your top lashes and BLINKING hard a couple of times. This will allow you to put mascara on your bottom lashes, giving your eyes an even bigger POP!
  • When buying a mascara try to get the BLACKEST BLACK they have!

Other Mascaras that I enjoy:
  1. M.A.C Haute and Naughty Too Black Lash
  2. Milani Total Lash Cover
  3. Maybelline Colossal Volume Express