Sunday, July 28, 2013

Black or White? Either Way Make it Look Good

I believe all black and all white outfits look good on EVERYONE. It gives you a certain kind of confidence that only these two colors can give you!

During the summer I am a huge fan of white jeans and white or tan colored muscle tees that are definitely getting more popular day by day!

If you tend to like all black better than all white that’s perfectly fine as well. All black is not only effortless;y but classy as well, making you look and feel as if you OWN wherever you are at! I absolutely PASS OUT when I see a handsome man wearing all black, it’s naturally sexy and I stand by my belief that anyone can pull it off!

If you can’t decide whether you like all black or all white, no worries, wear both! I recently purchased this polka dot skater dress from H&M and instantly fell in love with it,it’s definitely a showstopper. I was pumping gas and I felt like Carrie Bradshaw because a lot of people wear looking at me and smiling! It was so simple yet so chic!

Moral of this post is don’t be afraid to wear all white or all black or even do both! It’s simply and makes you feel as good as you look no matter where you’re going!

White Outfit: Top - Forever21. Jeans - Old Navy. Wedges - DSW.
Black & White Outfit: Dress - H&M. Heels - ShoeDazzle.
Black Outfit: Top: - JC Penney. Shorts - H&M. Shoes - Barefoot.

Thanks Ladies, Talk to you soon!