Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cantu Flat Iron Spray Review

Recently I took a trip to Target on the search for some bath towels and I avertedly ended up in the hair section! I saw a lot of people on instagram raving about the Cantu Flat Iron Spray so I thought “Hey why not give it a shot?”  Virginia weather is like a roller coaster sometimes and my hair loves to draw moisture from the air leaving my once straight and sleek hairstyle into a big poufy mess!
A can of this flat iron spray was under 5 bucks so if it didn’t work on my hair I didn’t really lose much. This spray claims to condition and add shine to your hair while also reduce frizz and produce a light hold. They also stressed that you must use it on dry hair and I will tell you why when you keep reading!
After I blow dried my hair completely I sprayed the product all over my strands! My hair instantly became stiff and that’s when I looked at the ingredients and saw that it contains ALCOHOL! My hair hates alcohol; it literally acts like a snail with salt on it! I was not going to wait for my hair to become stiff as a brick so I began to brush the product out to help coat it all over and not just the spots that I sprayed! Some of my strands still felt hard but I wanted to have faith that this product would help my hair!
I guess I ended up spraying majority of the product at the top of my hair because when my flat iron slid through those tresses, they instantly became CRISPY-FEELING! WHAT A BIG NO-NO! I ended up finishing my hair not satisfied that I obviously sprayed too much at the top of my hair because the bottom had lots of body but the top was like a dead person – UNMOVING!
Overall I will try this product again but definitely use much less and spray much farther away from my hair this time! My hair is actually still holding, I haven’t used any heat on it since I did this which is great, I also liked that my hair does have a nice sheen going on.

Makes straighten hair last
Produces a nice natural shine to hair.
ALCOHOL is its main ingredient which dries your hair out
Hair gets hard
After flat ironing hair was crispy
It’s easy to use too much of this product

Any of you used this product before? Love it or Hate it?