Friday, September 20, 2013

Oh, How I Love Shoedazzle!

If you ladies have been following me since previous years you would know I have a slight obsession with shoes, especially heels! However being a penny-hugging college student, I have to fight my craving of buying every pair of 6 inch heels I see.

However since May 2013, Shoedazzle has been feeding my appetite for new shoes while also helping me save money in the bank for college expenses.

How Shoedazzle works:

When you sign up for Shoedazzle you have to take a style test where they ask you your preference of heel heights, styles, and colors. Once you complete that task, they give you your very own personal showroom of shoes that you might possibly like! You have the option to “favorite” any pair of shoes you see on the site, which eventually helps the stylist pick shoes similar to your likings each month.

I highly recommend if you sign up for Shoedazzle that you become a VIP customer because it had a lot of great perks. Not only do you save 10% to 30% off of regular priced items but it’s also like a mini shoe savings account. Each month you pay $9.95, which you can either use to purchase a shoe or do like I do which is let my $9.95 accumulate until I basically can afford to pay for a shoe using just that! Shoedazzle also gives you $10 worth of VIP dollars that you can use towards any of your purchases as well! Another plus of the VIP account is the free shipping, which is totally convenient when you purchase a pair of shoes 1 day, then a couple days later find another pair that like! Being a VIP member also gives you first dibs on sales and new items!

Pros of Shoedazzle:
Great selection of heels, wedges, flats and sandals.
VIP account is very affordable.
Shipping is fast.
Free returns.
They also sell jewelry and handbags.

Gather enough style Points for free shoes. 

Cons of Shoedazzle:
Sometimes your personal “Style Room” is a hit or miss.
Size 8 ½ sells out pretty quickly.
Quality of shoes are different from each shoe.
Some shoes can be pricey.

Overall, I have completely fallen in love with Shoedazzle, the last couple pair of shoes I have purchased have all been from them! I even found the perfect pair of black sparkly high heels shoes that I plan to wear at my Hampton University Opening Convocation for only 5 bucks on Shoedazzle! What a steal!

If any of you are interested in signing up Shoedazzle, do not hesitate to do so, do it now and let them know I,, referred you!

recent purchase for 5 bucks! So comfortable for a lot of walking!

Do any of you ladies use Shoedazzle how do you like it?