Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney, We'll Miss You

An icon took her last breath in this world yesterday. Words really couldn’t explain how hurt I am of Whitney Houston’s death. Her voice was like no others and she will truly be missed by all. I remember being 8 years old singing ‘I have nothing’ in a hair brush with my sister. Even though I am far from a singer, if you would put one of her songs on, no one could tell me a thing. Whitney was beautiful, talented and a women of god that blessed so many souls with her wide vocal range. With her second solo song of ‘you give good love’, people knew she was going to change the world of music.

Not only am I baffled on her lost but I just can’t even imagine all of the hurt bobby Christina is going through. This might sound cliché but it was way too early to have her mother gone away from her. It’s so many more lessons for her to learn, so many more trips to be taken, and more time to be spent. I wouldn’t dare say I know how she is feeling because I don’t and I don’t want to. Our mothers are the first person we ever love and appreciate and to have that taken away at a early age is probably one of the worst feelings you can ever feel. I really do send my condolences to her and her family.

Tears are still falling out of my eyes because I grew up listening to her; she was my mom’s favorite singer, so of course we had all of her cds and cassettes in the house. i really am enjoying the local radio channels like 95.7 and 105.3, as well as vh1 and bet, for taking time out of their syndicated programs to show their condolences and love to her. I love you Whitney Houston and you will always be missed.

Don’t miss Jennifer Hudson doing a tribute to Whitney Houston tonight at the Grammy’s at 8 on cbs.

one of my favorite songs by her.