Sunday, May 06, 2012

Girl How You Get Them Brows Like That

I feel like I've been MIA forever, but its only been two weeks. From the last week of school, to exams, to finally moving all my stuff back home, its been a very busy and hectic couple of weeks. But i swear i missed all of you all! I have soooo many blogpost to read from you all and i'm so excited to spend my Sunday doing just that.

Here's a treat for my first post back! How to get beautiful looking eyebrows! I didn't do an actual video because in NO WAY WHATS SO EVER am i camera savvy so you all are just going to have to read the steps ONE BY ONE!

After all this isn't youtube its BLOGGER! we were meant to READ AND WRITE! lol

so here goes....

 STEP 1: Gather up your supply, i use my mini elf concealer blush, a brown eyebrow pencil, and either my M.A.C studio sculpt concealer or my PRO concealer i got at a beauty supply store. ALL TOGETHER, these products are under twenty dollars.

STEP 2:  With a eyebrow brush (mine is on my eyebrow pencil) brush all your hairs  in the same direction, if you have some out of place, tweeze them, or use a thicker concealer.  After that, began to lightly outline your brow with your pencil to how you want them (when my eyebrows are arched they are much smaller, but i haven't had my eyebrows arched in a couple of months so they are a little thicker.) Gently flicker your pencil in between the outline you made, very lightly, if you don't you will look like BERNIE FROM SESAME STREET, and i see a lot of girls everyday who look like BERNIE FROM SESAME STREET! LOL

STEP 3: With a small tip concealer brush (not shown), outline the brow you made with your concealer, this is where you can cover all mistakes you made with your pencil and hide small grown out hairs, do this slowly and neatly. The people who arch your eyebrows don't rush, so why should you!

Step 4: With a bigger concealer brush, blend the concealer going down (for bottom) and up (for top), you want to keep on blending until it blends with your natural face or foundation.  JUST KEEP BLENDING, JUST KEEP BLENDING, JUST KEEP BLENDING (remix).

Step 5: Last step, get your eyebrow brush and brush the beginning of your brows to get a fade going on, some people don't do this, but i like to because it gives a more natural affect.  TO EACH ITS OWN. After this is complete, do whatever it is that you do to feel pretty.  Below i just put on some eyeliner, mascara and some bronzer and went out!!

I hope this helped you guys!! Any questions, just comment below