Thursday, February 13, 2014

Grad School + New Job + No Heat Challenge

First I would like to say that Grad school is no joke! If I’m not working, I’m studying or writing a paper! I am truly exhausted! I have so many exciting post to write about but if only I could get an extra hour a day to do so! With that being said, I also got a new job at Cox Communications, I’m super excited about it! I will be a new tech support rep, after a year or so I would like to move into the marketing department and help them with strategic branding! I’m so blessed and I’m glad I was able to find a full-time job less than 2 months after I graduated! The struggle of finding a job after college is REAL, I sent out my resume over 100 times only to get emails saying they picked other qualified candidates! I went on 2 interviews, 1 where I was OVER-qualified for and the 2nd 1 I was nowhere near qualified for it! However, my 3rd interview was just right! So I’m just so thankful for this opportunity that God has given me!

 Now the true purpose of this post is to tell you how I did for my No-Heat January Challenge! In the beginning you all saw that I was having difficulties finding styles suitable for my transitioning hair! After a couple days I found that Bantu knots in a big bun was “My thing” then I decided to do a protected style and I got a sew in bob! I loved it so much, I added some highlights and my sister did a great job cutting it to my liking! I wish we would have put it on a U-part wig because it was perfect and I knew once I took it out it was no way I was able to put it back to how it was.

I kept the bob in for 3 weeks and now it’s February and I decided that I ….. Actually like my hair better in natural styles so it’s back to bantu-knots and buns until I get some more weave (HELLO MIDDLE PART AND 22 INCHES!) I’m so glad I was able to complete this challenge, it was hard in the beginning but now im use to it and I actually like it!

What kind of protective styles are you all using for the winter? Let me know and thanks for reading!