Monday, August 27, 2012

Girl, Look At Your Hair

Happy Monday you guys, I want to talk about hair, it doesn’t matter if you have a short cut, afro, or weave, your hair is vital and it’s really the first thing a person sees on you.
Healthy hair is so important. It can really alter the way you look and feel if it isn’t up to par! I use to have the most trouble with my hair because I have a very sensitive scalp and very thick hair. When I would get perms, it would hurt so bad, I would cry and I would have sores everywhere that I had scratched. So one day I just said it wasn’t worth it, the pain wasn’t worth the damage I was doing to my SCALP so I recently stopped getting it relaxed (November 2010) and even though it takes a lot to maintain it now, it’s the best thing I could ever do for my hair.
I get trims every couple of months and I have a picture at the bottom of this post to show you how my hair has grown. The left photo is on July 17, 2012 and the right photo is August 24,2012. This goes to show you how important trims are to your hair. My hair grew about 2 inches during those 6 weeks and I finally knew my hair was healthy enough for a little bit of highlights and I absolutely LOVE THEM!

How I Maintain My Hair
I have a very dry itchy scalp, so I do commonly have dandruff; therefore I wash my hair at least once a week. Your hair will not grow if it’s dirty! Since I don’t have a perm, I air dry it for an hour then blow-dry on the lowest heat setting to avoid heat damage. I also do this because I do use my flat iron on probably its highest setting to get my natural hair straight. I try to only use my flat iron no more then twice a week. When I flat iron my hair I either use crème of nature argan oil or chi heat protectant serum.
At night I will wrap my hair, pincurl it, dry roll it, or sometimes just put it in a bonnet to keep its style. I also use Dr. Miracle scalp treatment oil to keep my scalp hydrated. I try not to get it in my hair because I hate oily and weighed down hair.
The moral of this post is, take good care of your hair, it will thank you later! Yea, you probably don’t like that your hair dresser trimmed CUT your hair so short, but the results in a couple of weeks will be amazing.  I believe your hair is the most important thing a person sees, you can be all dressed up but if your HAIR isn’t done…..welll, you know the rest.

Thanks loves
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