Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wet Kisses Wednesday

It's that time again. Time for another lipstick review!

I love the name of this lipstick! I had to Google it because it was just a number on the bottom of the lipstick and i wanted to know what it was called. But anyway, this isn't one of the Megalast lipsticks, its the silk finish ones. I honestly bought this at Rite Aid one day when i was looking for a red lipstick ( it looked red in the store). When i went home and tried it on, I realized it was NOT RED lol. I was a little disappointed not because of the lipstick itself, but solely because it was not the color I wanted.

Overall, this is a nice pink lipstick that is not overbearing, It definitely does what it says it does "... provide moist looking lips". I love that I did not have to put a gloss over it and it still gave me the shine i needed. It goes nice with my complexion and its something I could wear in the daytime.

A major plus is, IT WAS ONLY 1 DOLLAR! That's amazing, the color pay off is excellent and I definitely would go back to Rite Aid again and get other colors. 

Don't mind my bra straps lol