Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring OOTD

Needless to say, spring is definitely here, however, so is the wind. The wind seems to always dampers my outfit because I do not want to be that girl who's dress flew up in front of everyone walking to class.

I am definitely excited about the upcoming spring and summer months because I cant wait to get dressed and look cute.  One of my favorite pieces are bright and comfy tops.

I received many complements when I wore this on Tuesday especially from girls who aren't the typical size 6. I think a lot of bigger girls feel stooped when it comes to wearing the latest trends. But the key is to SEARCH, go to places you don't usually go to, find local boutiques, and just don't give up! I am not one of those people who can go to a store and be in and out, I can be in the mall from noon to nine and have only bought 1 thing, and that's totally fine with me!

Top: DOTS. Jeans: Macys. Shoes: Marshalls

Announcement: I promise that my pictures will get MUCH better in less than 2 weeks. Again I've been using my Iphone and its just not cutting it. Its only 2 more weeks  of school left until my junior year at Hampton University is over (thank God!)! So when i come home i will be back in love with my lovely professional camera! I know my sister will be more than willing to take pictures of my outfits! Thanks again loves!!