Saturday, April 07, 2012

Lips soft as Satin

Dry lips are very common with everyone. No one wants to be walking around town with dry crusty lips that makes you not only feel self conscious but unapproachable as well. Yes there’s a lot of chapsticks and scrubs that give you temporary fixes but if you want something that lasted for days, even weeks you definitely need to check out this.

Mark Kay: Satin Lip Mask

This is a scrub that you massage on your lips and leave on for a couple of minutes. I like to do it when I’m in the shower for many reasons, (1) so no one catches me with this white stuff on my lips looking like a crackhead, and (2) because I simply like to multi task.

The awesome thing about this mask is, it contains mini beads that buff away the rough skin so all you’re left with is soft, smooth kissable lips rather than with Chap Stick you’re just topping a product on already rough lips.

This stuff also prevents that nasty dry look when you put matte and bright lipsticks on! I absolutely hate when girls try a bright color or a red and I see their lips peeling lol!

I really do swear by this product, if you use it twice a week you will have softer lips all the time. I’ve been using this product on and off since I was 15 and I love it! It’s the best lip scrub out there!

Find your local Mary Kay consultant and by this product which also includes the Satin Lip: lip balm for under 20 dollars.