Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Birthday Chronicles

I really should have a monthly blogpsot called the "birthday chronicles" because i swear, im attending a birthday celebration almost every other weekend. 

So I just had another eventful weekend, again it was one of my close friends birthdays and we had to live it up! He insisted that we purchase a table at one of the clubs we all hadnt been to, im so upset that i wasnt able to take any pictures of us in the club, it was just so much MADNESS and CRAZINESS going on lol. However, i was very fortunate to be able to slip on one of my all-black dresses, i havent worn in over 6 months!!! Recently losing 20 pounds, this dress fits every curve and bump real sexy! 

Anyway, we had so much fun and the pictures really do know justice of the amount of absolute care-free FUN we had.

This is just a quick post to see how beautiful my friends looked over the weekend.

Any questions on where you can find any of these outfits, just comment below and I’ll definitely let you know!



Birthday boy in the middle.

 me and the birthday boy 
we werent ready, but this picture is still READY! lol