Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Years Eve Party Heels

Hello ladies, Happy Holidays! I hope each and every one of you received an amazing Christmas with your friends and loved ones. I realized as I’ve gotten older, Christmas is all about QUALITY over Quantity, I was blessed to receive many of the items on my wish list and I was fortunate to spend the holidays with my family.

Back to business! Everyone knows *Phaedra voice*, I have a thing, almost obsession for heels, even though I don’t wear them everyday, I know I spend majority of my money on some “6 inch killas!”

Anywho, I went to DSW and Macys today to look for a pair of heels I could wear for a New Years Eve party! I have no idea what I’m doing for New Years Eve just yet, but a girl can never be TOO prepared for any unscheduled events!

So, I would like to play a little game! I’m going to post a couple shoes down below and I will also let you know which one I ended up purchasing! I want YOU to tell me what dress will best suit the heels bought! Ok ladies, lets go!

The first pair from DSW were the BEBE “Perlah” pump! These gave me a very western feel as it had the fringe detail on the back! They look great on and they were priced at $99.

The second pair of heels were the Jessica Simpson “Breaking Leather” pump! These peep toe heels caught my eye because of the detailing on the back of the shoe. I’m very scared of spiked shoes, so studs were just enough to give any outfit of mine that “edge” needed.

The last pair I cam across were from Macy, they are the Guess? “Varika” Mary Jane inspired heels. I fell in love with these shoes as soon as I saw them. I loved the height and I don’t have a pair of Mary Jane heels, and I thought it would be nice to add to my collection. The color was also a plus, as well as the price of $39.99.

So ladies, what shoes do you think I picked: the fringe western style, peep toe rocker, or the purple Mary Janes? “cues suspenseful music!”

I picked the last pair, I already own a couple of nude pumps and the purple color really made me think it would go great with any outfit for New Years as well as other occasions!


Also, my THIGH HIGH boots from JustFab came today. If you follow me on instagram “HERBOSSYASH” you will know the entire BS I went through to get these boots! I first receive them 2 weeks ago in a size 6 instead of a 9, I returned them and they sent me another box…. Only with a whole different pair of boots! So, I returned them again and they came again today perfect! I almost could not fit them over my calf, but they were just right, I love them!

Again ladies, i would love to hear your ideas on the perfect dress for new shoes!