Monday, December 24, 2012

View My 2012 Hair Journey

Merry Christmas Eve ladies, so as I was chopping at my hair this morning, I noticed I have going through a lot of changed with my hair throughout the year, some good and some bad.

Last January I decided I was going to stop getting relaxers in my hair (for the 2nd time) and start my natural process.  I decided to stop getting relaxers for many reasons:
  1. It always burnt my scalp, no matter how short or long of a period it was in my hair.
  2. It was too expensive, my stylist was charging me 60 dollars, every time I was getting a relaxers.
  3. Sometimes it wouldn’t take, due to my scalp being on FIRE so damn early.

So, I decided to share with you all the different looks and how healthy and not so healthy my hair looked during the year 2012. Enjoy!

This is in January, I had just cut my hair, too short for my liking and since my sister does hair, I allowed her to put this 16 and 18in weave in my hair! I loved it! I was SWANGIN that hair everywhere I went. However, I am a girl who likes to wash my hair too much for extensions and my hair always itches, so she installed that three times in a 2 months span.

This picture is in the beginning of March when I took the weave out. The braids she used on my hair, worked wonders because my hair grew longer and thicker. I was definitely in LOVE with my real hair. It had volume and it so full of body.

Then a couple weeks after that, I went through this middle part phase! I’m the type of girl who wears her hair mostly in a side part, unless I have weave, but as my hair was growing I noticed my hair had a nice layered effect that made a middle part look nice with my real hair! I went through this middle part period for like 2 months lol.

This picture is to show you how thick my hair was, this around May or June! I was using the ORGANIX Moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner and I was using the crème of nature argon oil. My hair drinks up argan oil and it really benefits my hair.

This is when I received a protein treatment and got my split ends cut. My hair still had a lot of growth and I loved the length I had achieved by treating my hair with a lot of TLC.

Then I decided to do a roller set and add some highlights, this is when my hair turned on me. As soon as I put these highlights in my hair, my hair felt really rough and it was shedding more than usual.


So, I had to get it cut =(. My hair had broke off and it was uneven, so “SNIP SNIP SNIP” I went to the beautician and she cut it all off and YELLED at me for being so reckless with my hair.

But again, after I got it cut, it was growing right back, so I was happy!


But obviously not happy enough, I let my sis add some weave to my hair! But not for long, this weave only stayed in my hair for about three weeks! I guess weave just isn’t for me! LOL

This is around October! This is my hair after I took my weave out; again it was beginning to be thicker and fuller again! I loved my hair like this!


This is the beginning of November and my hair was behaving like it was suppose to! Again doing what it was suppose to, I was again, treating it right, washing and co washing twice a week! I was oiling my scalp and everything was going right. But again obviously I wasn’t fully happy

So I added some color as you can see, I haven’t had this much color in my hair since the beginning of my freshman year in color, I loved it, but I definitely shouldn’t of done this myself, I didn’t use gloves and I had chemical burns all on my hand (OUCH) and I needed to start using a better conditioner for the amount of blonde dye in my hair

So its now December and I have vowed to treat my hair better then I ever did before! I cut it so I could start over for the New Year and to also see if my new routine I’ll be using is working! I have gotten on the coconut oil fad, so I will be doing a hot oil treatment with coconut oil, I’m using coconut oil shampoo and condition. I want to grow my hair past my shoulders by 2013, so besides trims, I will not cut it this year!

Thank you ladies for allowing me to let you in my life and I am very fortunate to have a fanbase as wonderful as you all

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Years.