Thursday, December 13, 2012

Faux Fur Scarves

I have recently become infatuated with faux fur scarves. Not only are they very fashionable but they give any look a very chic and sleek finish. While completing the rest of my Christmas shopping, I stopped in Target and a saw a beautiful brown faux fur scarf for only 20 bucks! For the life of me I wanted to purchase it, but I have a very bad habit of forgetting the rest of the gifts I have to buy, and just ending up buying stuff for myself. Girls, I even kept it in my cart until check out time when I realized the RESPONSIBLE thing to do was to put it back and finish the rest of my shopping.
            Now its 8 hours later, and I still cannot stop thinking about how I would rock this scarf. One look is, I would pair it with my mid-length all black body-con dress by ASOS and have the scarf as the statement piece. Or, I could dress it down by pairing it with my brown rider boots and an all black ensemble. =(, finally giving in and deciding to purchase it, I looked online and they don’t offer it! So now I have to go back to Target and HOPE they still have some in stock by the time I get there.
            Ladies is there anything you’ve seen while shopping for others that you wanted so badly? Did you go on and buy it or decide to wait and get it later?

- Ashley