Friday, December 21, 2012

Review on e.l.f. Mineral Personal Blend Foundation SPF 15 in Dark

E.L.F says: Create customized mineral based color for a perfect match, year-round! Housed in a unique quad chamber for the perfect mix, the weightless mineral formulation blends seamlessly into skin and contains natural skin protecting SPF 15 and is 100% mineral based with no parabens, preservatives or chemical dyes. Infused with key Vitamin E for rich antioxidants that hydrate and replenish the skin. The inner dial allows you to control the amount of product dispensed so you can create your customized color and keep the powder closed for clean and easy use everytime.


Ashley says: This mineral foundation is going to become one of my favorite foundations! I love that the DARK, has four different shades of product, almond, toffee, deep, and dark! So far, I’ve used the toffee and deep and then the dark as a bronzer on the outskirts of my face!  I have very oily skin, especially on my cheeks and nose, so I tend to stay away from liquid products unless it’s a matte formula (Revlon Super Stay). This is my first time using a powder mineral foundation and it kept me oil free for more then 6 hours. I put this on at3 yesterday, went to work at 4, and when I went to the restroom around 7, the foundation was still on and I wasn’t oily! I was very impressed. Great for medium-coverage and your foundation wont look caked on!


Pros: different shades for all seasons, a lot of product, natural, and stays on line

Cons: a little difficult to get the turning spool to move, have to shake for a long time to get enough product.


Overall I would give this product a 8/10, if they fix the jar applicator they use, I would give it a 10/10