Saturday, November 10, 2012

Challenge ACCEPTED

Hey ladies, so i've decided to challenge myself this week, i will try my best to produce a new post EVERYDAY this week. Yes!!!!!!!!!!Of course I'm a busy college student, but i feel like if i love something i should be able to take the time out and give it some LOVEEEEE and AFFECTION!

So here's the itinerary for this weeks blog posts:

Saturday, November 10th - Club Night for my best friends birthday
SundayNovember 11th - Winter Boot Dupes For Less
Monday November 12 - The Weekend in a Glance
Tuesday November 13 - Is Being a Black, Educated & Successful Women Dangerous in the Dating World (my favorite)
Wednesday November 14 - My Christmas List
Thursday November 15 - Holiday Make-Up Looks
Friday November 16 - Love Thy Self, Before You Love Someone Else
Saturday November 17 - Random Post

I wish you all could see how excited i am! Have you noticed that i write about a little bit of everything up here, thats just me LOL. Im the type of girl that wants to have ties in every little thing and i plan on doing just that.

If you guys have any other post you would love for me to write about, leave a comment below or email me at

XoXo Ladies, i'll be back in a couple of hours!