Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Club Scene

How can I say no to clubs if all my friends birthdays are coming up? Over the weekend I had the pleasure of celebrating one of my friends birthday at “The Alley Nightclub.” Let me first give you a vague history of this club. This is the club were RATCHETS would meet and do their RATCHET thing, while smoking and drinking just really RATCHETY. Ashley why would you want to go to a club like that? Good question, my best friend James loves this club and he insisted that they renovated and the club is more upscale now. He had to literally beg and plead for me to finally agree to go to this club.

And boy was I pleased, I can honestly say I had one of the most entertaining times partying this year. Of course we were all intoxicated but we genuinely had a good time. The music was great, the atmosphere was great, my feet didn't hurt, and my dress was bomb!

 Speaking of my dress, I know I stress a lot of about being a broke college student, but this statement has never been truer to date. I went into TJ Maxx Friday evening looking for some leggings, and I saw this beautiful blue dress, and GUESS WHAT? It was on clearance for FIVE DOLLARS! Do you hear me? FIVE DOLLARS! I tried it on and I knew I was taking that home. This dress really gave me a lot of confidence and did a lot for my self esteem. Isn't it great when its so many guys in your face telling you how good you look?