Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tommy Hilfiger Duplicates

As winter starts to sashay its way in your life, boots are becoming a necessity for everyday wear & unless you’re making the “mullah” to be buying 200 dollar pair of boots, I suggest you continue reading this post!

One of my favorite bloggers, afatgirlblues, recently had instragramed a photo of DOTS clothing store coupons. The coupons were $10 of $35, $15 of $45, and $20 of $60. Of course I took the best offer and spent $60 and I am very pleased with my purchases.

The first pair of boots I purchased was these brown two textured riding boots with a stacked heels. As soon I saw them I immediately thought of the Tommy Hilfiger riding boots I had seen prior! Priced at $25.99, you know I had to get me a pair.

The second pair of boots purchased was these faux leather two toned riding boots. Again these boots reminded me of another pair of boots from Tommy Hilfiger, so I knew these were my new babies.

I also bought a pair of tights and earrings and I ended up spending $47 dollars, the college student on a budget wins again!

Check out the dupes and see did I do a hit or a miss!

These boots from DOTS were $29.99 while the boots below are $189.99

The boots on top were $25.99 while the boots below are priced at $189.99

Its Day #2 ladies, tell me what you thank! XOXO